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  1. Yethwhinger

    FREE Prototyping a Local Coop Family-Targeted Action RPG Combat System

    Engine RPG Maker MV Synopsis The Project This project involves modifying a prototype that focuses on a specific gameplay component: the combat system. The current prototype is not a full game, and this project will not make it into a full game. Chig Tag is a prototype of a local coop action...
  2. RMMZ End of Winter

    Action RPG made in RPG Maker MZ for the Great Winter Game Jam 2020. Playable in browser and also available for download! Synopsis: Winter has lasted too long already and there's not an end in sight. Armed with your trusty bow, you must defeat Morana, the goddess of winter, to ensure that...
  3. DerniBorges

    RMMV Envyus - Action RPG - Medieval Fantasy

    SYNOPSIS GAMEPLAY VIDEO IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE RESOURCES E SETTINGS Real-time battles, where the character changes depending on the weapon or armor he is wearing. Various skills acquired through quests spread over the places visited. Dozens of major and minor missions, all...
  4. aziib

    RMMV Marcee Rush Adventure – ACTION RPG - DEMO Available Now!

  5. MechScapeZH

    RMMV The Psychic Youth (20 Hour 2020 Game Jam Entry)

    The Psychic Youth an entry for @FleshToDust 's "20 Hour 2020" Game Jam (many thanks to him for inviting me to participate!) The Psychic Youth is a fantasy-adventure visual novel with Action RPG battles with gameplay inspired by adventure game classics like Squaresoft's Radical Dreamers and...
  6. Mmvlp

    RMMV The Occult World (Action Shooter + Turn Based Battle)

  7. ZwenZockt

    RMMV (Mystic) Tales of Mana - Action RPG

    Hi. I wanted to introduce you to my project (Mystic) Tales of Mana, a 90s action-style RPG. For this I use the graphics set of Time Fantasy and Moghunters Plugin: Chrono Engine. Currently, the game content is still in German, but a translation into English follows. Have a look on Facebook or...
  8. EN.I

    [Maker 2003] Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn Enhanced Edition (Win/Linux/Mac)

    Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn Enhanced Edition (NOTE: As technical adviser and support of the videogame, I have proper authorization from Netherware Entertainment for publishing here in name of them) Technical info. Author: Netherware Entertainment (web) Publisher: DigitalEZ (web) Engine...
  9. Isabella Ava

    RMMV Welcome To Hell, Mei Ichikawa [IGMC2018]

    Hi guys, this is a demo version made in 1 month for IGMC2018. If you like crazy combos, Norse Myth, hack & slash then you should try it. STORY: "What happen after people die? Could you.. ever see them again? The story is about Mei, an ordinary teenage girl. She is living a peaceful life...
  10. I have some questions about a simple battle system

    So basically I was thinking about a battle system similar to an action RPG where a character has about 4 moves that they can use in the overworld to defeat enemies but since this is kind of a parody game I wanted to display a picture everytime an ability used defeats the enemy or when the enemy...
  11. RadiantCadenza

    RMMV Dream Devouerer (IGMC Action RPG)

    “Unfortunately, sleep is the least restful part of my day...“ Ashling is a seemingly ordinary office worker, who spends her days crunching numbers for the Halcyon Tower Insurance Firm, and her nights struggling for survival in a world she does not yet understand. After awakening to her powers...
  12. DestinyBattle

    FREE Looking for a team of developers for a relatively short action RPG

    Engine: RPG Maker Ace Name of the game: Nost Concordia meaning "Our Harmony" Synopsis: Depression has been released from the Moon, and it’s disrupting the harmony in the Nerve System. A girl (unnamed yet), is forced out of her city and forced to find a way to stop the depression epidemic...
  13. Concurrent Events, Different Triggers

    So I wanted to have an event with two different triggers, one triggered by the action button and one by event touch. As of now I have two events pages - one is triggered by event touch where the event enemy sprite inflicts damage on the player upon touching. The other event is the player...
  14. Kudaaj330

    RMVXA ~/'`-Ignarus-'`\~

    Content is currently being revamped on this project, more images, videos, etc are to come soon. Trailer Exploring what lies in your own backyard can sometimes lead to great adventures. There is a whole world to be discovered. What this boy finds, is just that. However, some...
  15. Zero Games

    I need help to modify some sprites for my game

    I need to modify these robots chara to look like these of the human character each with their actions pose, Please, the one who helps me will be eternally grateful. :) <pictures removed by moderator>
  16. character battler realistic warrior

    hi guys,  I'm working on an action RPG in which the hero's graphics are crucial, since the real-time battles on the map take place using just the player's graphic! I would be very grateful to those who want to try their hand in an attempt to make two standard charaset, a warrior of a...
  17. Last BeNeVoLeNcE

    Tales of the Elements coming to Steam - October 10th!

    Hey, guys!  I'm sort of new here but I've been lurking on the forums for the past year--learning things and (legally) grabbing commercially free and paid for assets for a game that I've been making over the course of this past year. My game was just recently greenlit on Steam and I'd like to...
  18. VulgarisStudios

    Project Final Arcane

    Greetings: Hello everyone: My name is Brandon Lee, and I am the founder and CEO of Vulgaris Studios. I am in pursuit in releasing my first RPG title, but that task is a bit too much for me to handle. That`s why I would like to ask my fellow colleagues to assist me in making Project Final...
  19. manpaint

    (Remake) The Legend of Zelda

    This remake is a full and complete recreation of the original The Legend of Zelda on the NES for celebrating the 30th anniversary. Every dungeons items and features are present. This game was made using VX ace with a custom event based engime. All changes was polled on a google + zelda...
  20. leakymilky

    game ideas, horrible execution

    So i am working on a new rpg game that is in some ways similer to older legend of zelda games, More specificly like the one on the original game boy. What im trying to figure out is how to when you get to the title screen itll show you your 3-5 save files to select from with specific things...

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