action sequence impact plugin

  1. busbuzz

    RMMZ VisuStella Impact, pop up and STB question.

    So i bought wave 5 that has visustella action sequence impact, together with Battle System STB. I want to have the effect of impact not only on criticals but also when the weakness pop up appears? how can i do that? i want to have the color bleak effect to occur every time i hit with elemental...
  2. RMMV Yanfly's Action Sequence Choosing One target and next target?

    I want a skill that has the player move to the first enemy, throws him to the or a second enemy, and only then do damage to both. My main issue is that I do not know how to designate one enemy from the other. There's option in yanfly's action sequence plugin for choosing All enemies, all...
  3. Raith

    Need help on Irina's Action Sequence Impact plugin: Projectile Z-order setting?

    I'm trying to create a simple action sequence in the battle scene where protagonists ships launch torpedoes. So, just like the real torpedoes, the torpedoes should go underwater, beneath any ships, friends or foes. So far the movement is satisfying. However, its Z-order is not. Hence, the...

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