action sequence pack 1

  1. Grumphlu

    RMMV Trying to apply a state if ennemies are affected by another one (AOE)

    Hi ! I'm using Yanfly's plugin and i am struggling with a skill. I have a state "Water" and a state "Freeze". Let's say that i apply "Water" to all ennemis with a Surf Now, with my skill "Blizzard" i want to freeze my ennemies affected by "Water". But, when i do it, it will not apply it...
  2. RMMV Reflecting/Absorbing & conditional statements in Action Sequences

    Hello, I'm trying to get a Yanfly Action Sequence to work in tandem with YEP_ElementCore. I'm trying to accomplish a sequence after attacks where if the element is super-effective, then the user gains a status effect. However, if the element is blocked or nullified in any way then the opponent...
  3. Soul_Narrative_Games

    How to toggle Custom Regen state for Yanfly Action Sequence 1

    I was wondering if there was a way to toggle on and off a custom regen state with yanfly action sequences pack 1. This is the formula that will be used when you use the Guard command. <Custom Regenerate Effect> var mpheal = (2); user.gainMp(+mpheal ); user.startDamagePopup()...

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