action sequence pack

  1. (Action Sequences)How to apply specific attack motions to skills?

    As the title says, I cannot figure this out for the life of me. I have yep CoreEngine, yep BattleEngineCore, and yep ActSeqPack1 2 and 3. I have the basic attack set up to have my SV actor run up to the enemy and punch, as I want them to. However I have a spell (magic skill) that is meant to be...
  2. Animation not appearing on Yanfly's action Sequence Pack

    Hello, Basically, whenever I try to put an animation inside the "<whole action>" tag, the animation doesn't play at all, it just gets skipped instead. This issue only affects the animations, not other commands like "action effect", and it only appears when I put the animation command...
  3. LakituAl

    Sideview Enemy Sprite misbehaves quite a bit.

    I made a set of sprite sketches today for an animated sideview enemy, but somehow it refuses to behave properly no matter what I do. I made a new project with only the one asset and necessary plugins but it still refuses to work. Here's my plugins: When Sideview Battler is placed above...
  4. Iliassine

    Need help for a skill

    Hey guys ! I use the action sequence pack (1-2-3) want to make a skill which power goes harder depending of the stacks of the States the enemy has been infected. What I made. The skill executed adds once the state to the target (Let's call it minibomb) and I made the skill trigger a common...
  5. El_Mega

    Pre-made Yanfly basic action sequence problem

    Hi everyone, I just added this attack action sequence pack: Skill #1 will be used when you select the Attack command. <setup action> display action immortal: targets, true </setup action> <target action> if user.attackMotion() !== ‘missile’ move user: targets, front, 20 else perform...
  6. KimiRaven

    Skill Repeat not working

    Being stuck for a while now. I am trying to make a skill that repeat itself including inside the note 7 times. I am Yanfly Target Core and the Action Sequence Pack. I have try both built repeat system and the target core. Somehow it only repeat once. Anyone have idea what went wrong? Before I...

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