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  1. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Building a Dual Tech without a Dual Tech plugin, Battle Core VS

    Morning all I'm trying to build a notetag sequence where if specific actors choose specific skills the same turn, they automatically move into an action sequence instead of casting the original Skills they chose: This is meant to act as a bit of a roundabout Dual Tech sequence without the use...
  2. Grumphlu

    RMMV Trying to apply a state if ennemies are affected by another one (AOE)

    Hi ! I'm using Yanfly's plugin and i am struggling with a skill. I have a state "Water" and a state "Freeze". Let's say that i apply "Water" to all ennemis with a Surf Now, with my skill "Blizzard" i want to freeze my ennemies affected by "Water". But, when i do it, it will not apply it...
  3. BlueDragonZ

    RMMV Dual wielding in Yanfly's action sequence

    Hey there game makers! I'm using VE Dual Wield and Yanfly's action sequence. What I want is to make a condition where if the user of a skill is equiped with two weapons it does a specific action sequence and another if not. Here's my code <target action> if: BattleManager.isSecondAttack()...
  4. jkweath

    RMMZ Make an actor untargetable with a state?

    Hello! As the title says, I'm wondering if it's possible with VisuStella plugins to make an ally completely untargetable. I put "with a state" in the title as I assume there'd be a way to do it with JS notetags, but I'm not sure. If anyone's wondering what I need it for: I have a fun boss...
  5. hoboayoyo

    Hide HUD in battle but keep dialogue

    Using the general Yanfly plugins and action sequences. Trying to have HUD disappear but have the dialogue box be displayed. There are a few scenes in my game where I want characters to talk to one another, but everytime there is a new speaker the HUD would show in between lines breaking the flow...
  6. Skill that refunds it's own mana cost but only the first time it's used?

    Basically what I want to do is: actor 1 enters the battle, he uses a skill that costs 10 mana, I want this skill to refund that 10 mana back at the end of the turn but only the first time it's used per battle. A second use of the skill would not refund that 10 mana back in the same battle. How...
  7. RMMV Is there any way I could check if an actor is in the party and if he is force him to use a specific skill using yanfly's action sequences?

    So basically what I want to do is: actor 1 uses a skill. this skill would check if actor 2 is in the party and if he is force him to use another skill after actor 1 finishes using his skill. Is this possible?
  8. RMMZ Getting a battler's ID and target's ID for use in VisuStella Action Sequences

    (I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong forum section -- this is only my second time posting) Hello! Does anyone know how to get a current battler's ID and their target(s) ID(s), store them as variables, and use them in a formula? Background: I am trying to create a custom "hit...
  9. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Action Sequence, Multiple party members attack.

    I want to have a skill that forces party members to attack IF they have a certain status effect on them. (like stieners charge from ff9 (but with a state)) I have it working somewhat, but the script does not wait for the attack to end before running the rest of the script. So what ends up...
  10. BEP

    RMMV Need help fixing action sequence that doesn't work properly

    So, I learned from my previous stupid post that not only should I ask questions about this kind of stuff here, but also that I shouldn't just ask for people to make me 15 action sequences for free. So I tried making them by myself, and ran into some errors with one of them. And unlike my...
  11. BlueDragonZ

    RMMV Action sequence eval issue

    Hey there game makers. I made a skill that forces an actor to use a random skill based on a variable but when I ran it it didn't work... Here's my code I know the problem is not with the if statement nor the force action eval cause it tested both and they worked fine even though the force...
  12. Jiggykoopbob

    RMMV Action Sequences via event commands.

    I have been thinking this for a while, But is there maybe a way to play an action sequence via event commands without having to make a dud skill? This would be quite useful for people who want to have more expressive cutscenes happen during certain battles. Can action sequences even be used to...
  13. JadeTheurgist

    RMMZ Action Sequence pulling id from actor who used skill?

    tl;dr: What script do I need to write into a Conditional Branch in an Action Sequence to have it detect if the user of the skill is affected by a state? ------------------------ So I'm currently working on a skill that toggles a state. Let's call this state Tank Stance. The skill uses an...
  14. LansingWolverine

    RMMV Calculating Hit Accuracy and Critical Chance Before Attack Lands

    I'm genuinely surprised this question hasn't popped up more often on here but here we are. Just want to warn anyone reading this, it's almost 5 a.m. where I live when I posted this and there's a solid chance there will be spelling errors, things overexplained and left out details. I'll give this...
  15. matgraz

    RMMV [SOLVED] Is there a simple way to change the SV Battler Image mid-Action Sequence?

    The title says it all: I want the character's battler file change during an action sequence. I want this because i draw my battlers myself, and i want to use that so i can expand the range of motions i have available for action sequencing. I've checked Yanfly's Tips and Trick video for...
  16. Asrielupgraded

    RMMV A way to make Actors stay where they attacked.

    So hey. I'm kinda wondering something. I've seen Gaia's Melody's battle system and how the characters run up to the enemy. They attack. The enemy moves in the direction of the attack and the actor stays where they attacked. See, I'm wondering if there was a way to replicate it. Either with a...
  17. RMMV Reflecting/Absorbing & conditional statements in Action Sequences

    Hello, I'm trying to get a Yanfly Action Sequence to work in tandem with YEP_ElementCore. I'm trying to accomplish a sequence after attacks where if the element is super-effective, then the user gains a status effect. However, if the element is blocked or nullified in any way then the opponent...
  18. MerlinCross

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence - Random Targets

    Hi. I'm trying to make an attack that randomly hits a couple targets. Yanfly's Action Sequence might seem to be the best way to actually do this but... I'm not sure how to actually rig the attack up. Regardless of what I input or use what seems to happen with Scope; 2 Random Enemies(or more)...
  19. RMMV Yanfly's Action Sequence Choosing One target and next target?

    I want a skill that has the player move to the first enemy, throws him to the or a second enemy, and only then do damage to both. My main issue is that I do not know how to designate one enemy from the other. There's option in yanfly's action sequence plugin for choosing All enemies, all...
  20. Action sequence help w/Octobattler

    I'm using the Octobattle plugin and I looked through the sample project it came with and the animations work but I notice that the actor does not move up to the enemy and hit them. I looked at the notetag of the Attack skill and it reads Attack Skill #1 will be used when you select the Attack...

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