action sequences

  1. RMMZ (VS action sequences)-How to check if target of an attack has a state?

    Hello, I want an animation and special damage to trigger if my battler hits a poisoned enemy, but I don't know what conditional branch to use in MZ. I use Visustella battle core's action sequences. Thank you
  2. Animation not appearing on Yanfly's action Sequence Pack

    Hello, Basically, whenever I try to put an animation inside the "<whole action>" tag, the animation doesn't play at all, it just gets skipped instead. This issue only affects the animations, not other commands like "action effect", and it only appears when I put the animation command...
  3. catwizard69

    MV change Enemy Sprite Priority during YEP action sequences?

    I'm using Yanfly's action sequences as well as Yanfly's animated enemies. I'm trying to get the enemy Sprite to take priority over the actor when it attacks, since it looks weird when the enemy sprite goes under the actor when it goes to attack. Does anyone know of a command for that action...
  4. Making a skill hit multiple times!

    HI im new to the community and to this also so sorry if this is a easy answer! Currently I have a skill that uses the normal weapon animation thanks to Yanfly and Google I have this in the notes of the skill allowing him to use the normal attack animation for the skill. my problem is that the...
  5. catwizard69

    (resolved) MV character keeps turning on dual attacks in YEP action sequences.

    Hi people, my problem is with the basic attack sequence I have. When the character has a pair of daggers, for example, their basic attack hits twice. When I use the MOTION ATTACK: user, the character Sprite hits normally on the first swing , but then turns around and swings behind him for his...
  6. SixFootBlue

    Stop the battle from pausing while an actor takes damage?

    For a bit of context, I'm using Yanfly's battle core + action sequences. I'm trying to make the actor move around when they take damage from a regular attack, assuming it doesn't miss. I've got the action sequence itself worked out just fine, but the problem is there's a pause before the...
  7. AxelNinjaGamer

    Gravity Magic Action Sequence

    Request Type: Action Sequence Engine: MV I've got a character who can use gravity magic, but I'm not the best with the action sequence plugins. I need some simple animations for floating an enemy and then slamming them into the ground. I'm looking to have a few variants of the same animation...
  8. Lacanne

    Spell name not shown

    Hello guys. I made an invisible spell for one of my character. I recently started to learn action sequences (i still suck at it) I decided to add a zoom on the character when he use the spell. But the spell name is not showing : Here's the notebox (put in the spell notes) : <setup action>...
  9. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV Dragon Crystal X - Driftwood Gaming's 5-Min Game Jam Entry

  10. residntevl

    Adding Depth to your Action Sequences

    This Guide goes over topics that will help you add depth to your Action Sequences. Most RPG Maker developers load up their projects with the best available plugins available to make a great game. As a developer yourself you will be told by other developers (some more experienced, some less)...
  11. LakituAl

    [RMMV] Checking for an Actor's MP in the middle of an attack itself

    Howdy. I'm having a lil' problem with my attack's script. The intended behavior: First a timed hit occurs by pressing Shift (this works fine), then, have the game check if the character has more than 0 MP. If so, allow for additional input (in this case a qcb plus Shift) for a chance to allow...
  12. OnslaughtSupply

    YEP Action Sequence Help with Eval

    EDIT: SOLVED I need help with Yanfly's Action Sequence. Goal: want to check if the damage is greater than 0 or as long as the attack connects play an additional animation (blood spurt) i.e. <target action> Motion Attack: user Action Animation Wait for Animation (insert if then eval JavaScript...
  13. SwiftIllusion

    Slime Battler archetypes - animated via DragonBones

    Below is a set of basic Slime Battler archetypes, created from static battlers by Ækashics. These were animated for use with the DragonBones plugin by TheGreenKel, with Action Sequence compatibility thanks to the collaboration with Yanfly. Note: Included in the download is a set of action...
  14. deathsia

    Requesting some custom action sequences.

    Now before every single one of you direct me to this thread let me state that I DO NOT want to comb every single one of those 60+ pages for the less than 10% chance the exact kind of action sequence code I want is in there...somewhere. Instead I'm merely requesting a few set pieces of code for...
  15. ramza

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Announcement: This plugin, as well as my shield block plugin have been moved over to my page as paid plugins from this point on. Anyone who was previously using these plugins can continue to do so, but no further updates will be posted tho this thread. The most up to date version will...
  16. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Nested IF

    Action Sequence Nested IF 1.00 SergeofBIBEK Hey everyone! I made a plugin that I think would be useful to hardcore action sequence makers! **Introduction** This is a really simple plugin. It allows you to nest IF statements in action sequences. **How to Set Up** Place this plugin below...
  17. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Loops 1.10

    Action Sequence Loops 1.10 SergeofBIBEK Hey everyone! I made a plugin that I think would be useful to hardcore action sequence makers! **Introduction** This is a really simple plugin. It allows you to loop within action sequences. **How to Set Up** Place this plugin below...
  18. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Proxy 1.00

    Action Sequence Proxy 1.00 SergeofBIBEK Introduction Allows you to set up common Action Squences to be called on later from within another action sequence. This is useful for organization, easy updating and managing skills, and even adding loop functionality to your action sequences. How to...
  19. zerobeat032

    Checking for hit/miss to add a state/variable...

    I've being having the following issue for a while and just haven't been able to figure it out. How do I detect if a skill hits or misses? I have a state that is added to the used and it seems to add whether the hit connects or not. I've had the same issue with adding variables via skills. They...
  20. Aegix Drakan

    Yanfly Action Sequences: Enemy no longer jumping?

    Just last night, I had it that certain action sequences in my skill would make the enemy jump about (For example, a stun attack that knocked the enemy up into the air before making them thud to the ground).  I also had enemies do a little "Jump 50%, 10" before every attack to make them look...

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