1. CrimsonBloodGames

    RMMV WarpMare (Adventure in a dream land)

    Warp mare is a game about facing your deamons. in a game you are playing a teenager with reacuring nightmares, trying to defeat his deamons in the dream world. Make your way trough the labirint, find the essence and focus power onto yourself to slay the monster that has been hunting you. When...
  2. RMMV Losers of a Rigged Game: Side Quest 3

    I got a third side quest up! Losers of a Rigged Game! Due to working so much I ended up with carpal tunnel. I've been trying to heal from that. I got a whole new ergonomic setup. I can do some low intensity stuff now! Until I heal. This is an improvement, combat wise, over the first and...
  3. thenerdmansion

    RMMV Meganoble 3 (35minute Platformer)

  4. Godarkhaos

    RMMV DIVINE LEGACY - Story Rich Action-RPG

  5. AllosaurusNE

    RMMV INFINITE DREAM - group of nobodies gets transferred to a world of knockoffs

    INFINITE DREAM : The Best of The Best RPGs Out There! *** WARNING: Game contains flashing lights, crude language, intense violence, and adult situations/themes *** UPDATE: The game has just recieved a MAJOR content overhaul in a recent update, which further improves the gameplay experience...
  6. RMMZ Mind Games (Adventure)

    The demo version of Mind Games! The story-driven turn-based RPG where you solve the problems of others by going into their minds! Play it here in browser: https://bridiogames.itch.io/mind-games You play as Boy, a boy who wears bandages around his face, hates talking and likes sleeping. One...
  7. Pumamori

    RMVXA The Greatest Survival

    When her father simply disappears one day, Lyza follows in his footsteps to find him. Chaos ensues and she soon finds herself struggling against the forces of snowmen with a misconstrued concept of capitalism, an ogre that can't keep his allergies in check, a particularly speedy grandmother, and...
  8. zerobeat032

    FREE Looking for Additional Artists for a game called Panic Attack...

    I'm working on a project in Rpg Maker MV called "Panic Attack!" Synopsis: The general story is that there's a place inside everyone's mental called Escape Space. When the world feels too overwhelming, one can retreat here for peace of mind. Usually other's can't be inside anyone else's space...
  9. bruncket


    FRIENDS is a game concept ive been working on for about 2 years now, and just finally got a working playable build out, its only the first part, basically the prologue. what i have so far takes around an hour to complete, so its almost a "full" experience, but i plan on adding a whole lot more...
  10. Execution skill call

    Hey guys, i want to make an "execution" skill for the enemy boss. I want it to trigger once the player is at 10 Hp. But at Action Patterns i can add only enemy Hp as condition. Does anyone know how could i manage this? Thanks for the answers :)
  11. Alkaline

    RMMV Quo (Alpha Test) [Playable in browser]

    Synopsis: Premise: Join Ellys Dime as she ventures through life in the big city and has to fight off from local thugs to giant rats! Mechanics: Quo is a turn-based RPG in which every turn of battle you must choose a part of your psyche to use: the Id, Ego or Superego. Each of them have their...
  12. Norpoleon_IIme

    RM2k/3 Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    VERSION 1.60 EHEB SAGA - DROUGHTLOCK "Eheb Saga - Droughtlock" is an action-RPG set in an apocalyptic dark fantasy world. I made a large part of the content completely myself: especially graphics and music. In top-down view, you fight your way through dark dungeons and defeat powerful...
  13. NekoDev

    RMMV Dead Hearts

    Dead Hearts on Steam, wishlist it now! Dead Hearts on Gamejolt, follow it now! What would you do if all the people you knew were murdered before your eyes? What would you do if the scenery repeated itself over and over again? What would you do if you knew you were about to die in front of...
  14. ritarin

    RM2k/3 Blessed Blade of Passion

  15. RMMZ End of Winter

    Action RPG made in RPG Maker MZ for the Great Winter Game Jam 2020. Playable in browser and also available for download! Synopsis: Winter has lasted too long already and there's not an end in sight. Armed with your trusty bow, you must defeat Morana, the goddess of winter, to ensure that...
  16. Tamsyn548

    RMMV Swords and Savagery [Open World RPG]

  17. AAAslan

    RMMZ FEEDBACK - Aki Aslan's PARIAH - A Demo

    Hey, everyone. I'm new to the RPG Maker game, as it were. I'm a screenwriter by training. Created this demo for a script I'm developing, which is an approach I've yet to nail down but is incredibly exciting! Would love to hear/read your thoughts about this quick demo. Please note that this...
  18. leusyth

    RMMV Astrid & The Witch

    My game is finally done! Thank you so much to everyone here who helped me out with testing it! :kaocry: Synopsis Screenshots Story Features Credits Download
  19. Sheklon

    RMXP Lizard Boss (One Map Minigame)

    Lizard Boss Genre: Minigame/Action-based Engine: RMXP (does not require RTP) Expected Playtime: 15-30min. Version: 2.2 Premise: To simply put: defeat the Lizard Boss. However, you won't be able to grab a sword and hit him in the face. Instead, you have to use indirect attacks. There are six...
  20. AeroPergold

    RMMZ A Postmortem Nation (WARNING: May Contain Politics)

    A POSTMORTEM NATION (Watch the First Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay!) Synopsis Join the adventure of a secret agent who wakes up from a 500 Year slumber only to find himself in a fantasy world of swords and magic. He now has to recover his memories whilst keeping a dark foe from the past at...

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