1. LordS3B

    [DEMO 0.1]Echoes of Time

    Echoes of Time An RMXP game with a kind of cliché story "Tenebris, pavorem faciam infirma... Tenebris, lux fortis, lumen e sapiens... Tenebris, vos animas succumbant... Tenebris, lumen quod excaecat consumet infirma..."   - Fragment of the Song of the Dark Mages Background Story You're settled...
  2. Grinn

    Zelda: Land of Lost Leaves

    Premise This game was made in just 1 month, solo (for the most part), for the Female Link Game Jam, The game centers around Link, a girl from the farming community of Hyrule. Link has been chosen as the next Harvest Maiden, a girl tasked with signing at each of the temples to wake one of...
  3. ZX_Lost_Soul

    Dolly's Afterlife (English version)

      This is translated version of my game for English-speaking players. Russian version can be founded by Google. Description: This is hardcore platform game about girl which due to the fault of drunk driver met with an accident. She murdered him, having broken the link between his spirit and...
  4. purpleroach

    Pro Wrestling and Gym Tiles

    Hello! I just got into RPG Maker and I've been looking for different Modern tilesets to get started on my game. I've found a lot of great stuff out there but one set still eludes me... A pro wrestling tile set. A ring, assorted belts, some guard rails, mats, and maybe some folding chairs. I've...
  5. Time Warper : Infinite Edition ( In The Making )

    Time Warper : Infinite Edition A short summary of the game: In a universe where peace and harmony is at its golden age where  countless races have ascended to pure pacifists but there are some who want a change, YOU are the one who will change this, YOU are the line between Chaos and Harmony...
  6. CharcoalKidd

    Concede additional moves?

    If I have an actor set to "Action Times+: %100" so they receive an additional move, is there any way make a skill concede this move and end the turn early? I'm thinking along the lines of having characters that attack three or four times, but have an "Execute" skill that ends the turn and...
  7. McTone

    This Close...(With Short Demo Available!)

        Introduction   I want to note that this game is in a VERY early stage of development so I have not added a lot of the bells and whistles that go along with it. That's why there isn't a nice looking title banner and the demo is not very long at all, but more on all that in a moment...
  8. Tabuu Forte Akugun

    Super Smash Bros. Feud - Sound Test remembers last song and updates

    Hi everyone. Tabuu here! I would like to present to you, the Super Smash Bros. Feud fan-game!       This project is being developed almost entirely in custom RGSS3 code by yours truly. Now, I know what you're thinking: A Smash fan-game as a first public project? Is this guy out of his mind...
  9. gruberik

    Ghost Toast

      DEMO LINK (FULL): DEMO LINK (RTP): *SOON*   SYNOPSIS: This game is set in a modern world but, through a series of events, you find yourself unwittingly traveling to other worlds (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.). This game...
  10. Bencraft

    WeedVentures - The Quest for Weed

    WeedVentures - The Quest for Weed   Welcome to WeedVentures - The Quest for Weed. It is a game made by Bencraft Productions. WeedVentures is based on the so called "MLG" vidoes around the internet, which goes a lot on loud noises, weed, darude - sandstorm, shrek and a lot lot more! Even though...
  11. highlord90

    Runaway [DEMO]

    31st October 2015 - Runaway is being worked on once again :D PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ANY COMMENTS MADE BEFORE THE 31st OF OCTOBER 2015 ARE RELATING THE OLD, VX ACE, VERSION I HAD STARTED WORKING ON   RUNAWAY A Dark Fantasy by Highlord90   Current status: In production Demo Status: Released...
  12. Seacliff

    RMVXA Flip Dimensions (20 Hour RPG)

    Love the basic RPG mechanics but tired of saving the World? How about Conquering it? Well, I'm happy to tell you that's the premise for Flip Dimensions. However, In order to get your hands on the world you live in, you must travel across the multiverse and defeat other Dark Lords and prove you...
  13. Silent Darkness

    Roleplay addiction ahoy! Anyone wanna indulge a bit?

    Anyone here interested in an rp with me? I'm stuck in quite a nasty bit of RP withdrawl. I'm open for any of the following: -Spyro(TLoS Trilogy universe, original Spyro universe is negotiable) -Doom -Heretic/HeXeN -Duke Nukem -Half-Life -Blood(kudos if you even recall this game at all)...
  14. Through Space and Time

    Through Space and Time has been a work in progress for quite some time now as it has been my experiment whilst learning the basics of RM. The story follows a group of friends who are transported to another world by a magical board game entitled "Righteous Quest, the game of Excellent Adventure...
  15. Game 2/3 finished, looking for testers

    Comedy-Action-Adventure-RPG -- Edit 3 years later -- I actually finished this game in its entirety in early 2016 but I never updated anything. I just thought about it today as I was discussing other small games I have made so the updated link is below! I've done extensive testing on the...
  16. Erojiji


    Title: Außenseiter Genre: Action RPG Engine : RPG Maker VX Ace Platform :PC INTRODUCTION Idea for Außenseiter came when I have difficulty when making another game, the reason is to much content that I need to make, especially database. One day in a sacred place an idea came up, why not making...
  17. Anorak


    Big thanks to Supercow for the logo. Synopsis: Developer's Notes: Features: Some may not be already implemented. Media: Alpha Build: -Dropbox (RTP Included) -File Dropper (RTP Included) -File Dropper (RTP not Included) Please keep in mind that this is not a demo and souly for...
  18. heroscratch

    Star Dogs: ****Demo Now Available!****

      Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama-Action RPG   ***DEMO Download***   Rtp Included: RTP Not Included on files below.   The below difficulties relate to the time allowed to act during battles. Easy Mode also comes with some starting...
  19. DMIgames

    Danny's Fall Alpha v0.3

    Synopsis:   Characters: Aliens:     Developers Comments:    Gameplay Features:    Screenshots:  Social Media Pages: Builds:

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