1. Yawgmoth

    Automatically casting animation at start of battle?

    Hi all, So I have a party size of 4. I want only the party leader to be visible at the start of combat and perform the casting action while an animation appears beneath party member 2, 3, and 4 making them suddenly appear and then the animation stop. I want all of this to take effect before the...
  2. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Enemies Core

    ICF-Soft Enemies Core - Version 1.00b by ICF-Soft Introduction Add different variations to enemies that can affect traits, hue, image, exp, gold, name, etc. You can also add classes for them with traits. Plus you can give more conditions to enemy actions and add actions to classes and...
  3. Tsukihime

    Battle Action Exp

      In RPG Maker, actors can receive exp by defeating enemies in battle. When all enemies are defeated, the victory processing will occur, and actors will receive exp from the battle. However, this means that if you were to escape before the battle was over, your actors would not receive any...
  4. oToToToToTo

    States cause forced actions to occur (or skills/states)

    I'm trying to do something I was hoping to be simple but its turning into a mess for me, maybe a new pair of eyes and a new brain can help me figure this out: An actor uses a skill on an enemy, if they enemy has a certain state on them when they are attacked, the actor (same actor) will perform...
  5. Tsukihime

    Event Trigger Labels

    In RPG Maker, you have events on the map that can be triggered when the player is either standing on top of them or in front of them. When a player wishes to trigger an event, they press the "action" button, which by default is the Z or Enter key. When an event is triggered, they will execute...
  6. Tsukihime

    Double Cast State

    This plugin allows you to easily double the number of times certain skills are casted. When a particular state is added to an actor or enemy, all of their skills will hit twice as many times. For example, by default, when you cast heal, you only heal once. However, when the double cast state is...
  7. Tsukihime

    Random Repeats

    By default, RPG Maker allows you to have skills or items repeat a certain amount of times when you use them. For example, if you want an attack to always hit two times, you would set the "repeat" field to 2. However, what if you wanted to create a skill or item that will repeat a random number...
  8. Tsukihime

    A Critique on the Default Target System

    This article discusses the targeting system in the default battle system in RPG Maker VX Ace. The purpose of this article is to understand how the target system works, and determine whether it is designed well. I provide a number of examples of different game mechanics that I use to put the...
  9. Maximus32

    A Battle Extension - Creating Complex Actions

    Hello! So, this isn't necessarily a concise "script", but it is related to scripting, so I thought it would be appropriate to place here. Basically, it's a method I devised for creating battler actions that reference many variables or perform complex actions. I came up with this because it was...
  10. bobisme

    issues with action patterns

    I've always had a prob dealing with action patterns... long story short: Very simple, i want  my creature to only cast a spell when it is at 50% or less health, how ever even though it has taken no damage, it uses the spell..?  :) so will it use the spell in 'general' along with the rest in...
  11. Evan Finkel

    Your Maker "routine"

    This is for posting your RPG Maker routine, how much time you give to your projects? And much time you give to this forum? Here is mine! Works - 3/4 hours per day on the maker! Online - 8/9 hours per day, of course. It's real.
  12. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Ruby Enemy Action Selection v1.01

    Overview This script allows you to use full RGSS3 formulas for determining which action an enemy will use. Uses enemy notetags to set-up. Example Use skill 4 if HP is > 50, else use skill 10 <ruby_actions> if self.hp > 50 4 else 10 end <end_ruby_actions>Downloads Get it Here...
  13. shiori4me

    Condition/String for Skill Learned and Skill Usable?

    What is the string for an actor having learned a given skill and for an enemy having a skill included in their actions? And, if you don't know this, but, what the string for skill usable for enemies and allies? I know I see something like usable?($data_skills[attack_skill_id]) I'm trying to...
  14. Tsukihime

    Action Speed Formulas

    This script allows you to specify action speed formulas for your database objects. An action speed formula allows you to use a formula to calculate a battler’s action speed. For example, suppose you had a “Haste” state that doubles your action speed. In the default battle system, action...
  15. Tsukihime

    Enemy Action Conditions

    This script allows you to define multiple custom action conditions on top of the conditions provided by the database. The database does not allow you to set multiple conditions for a single action. This script addresses this issue by allowing you to create multiple conditions. In order to...
  16. Tsukihime

    Skill Change

    This script allows you to set an action to execute a different skill if certain conditions are met, with some probability. The condition is a formula that can use any game data available, including the action’s user as well as the action targets. For example, if your actor’s HP is less than...

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