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  1. RoseofElandil

    Change picture for MogHunter's Actor CM Script

    Hello there, sorry to be asking this, but I was stuck on this issue for awhile... I'm using Moghunter's Actor Picture CM script, and it creates an actor image in the format of ( in battles. I was wondering if there's someone kind enough to help me out by adding a function...
  2. Simple Actor Picture whe selecting command!

    Hello people! You know Actor Picture CM, a script to Ace, by Moghunter? It's look like that:     If you do not, the script simply displays a picture (portrait) of the actor when it's your turn.  I do not know JS (yet!) But I think it's a simple script for those who know the language.   In...
  3. AndracoDragons

    I need a Permanent Separate window.

     Okay i need some help. I need a script that will make a window that shows actor ones face. Now i could just use the show picture option in the event menu but its not that simple. What I need it to do is to show Actor 1's as it currently is in that window. Even when that is changed with the...

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