actor position

  1. RMMV Can't figure out how to spread actors further apart on Y axis

    I have used VE_BattlerGraphicSetup to use enemy battler images as my actors on the battle screen. However given that the default side view actors were much smaller and the enemy battler images are much bigger, now I can hardly see my actors because they're stacked so closely together on the Y...
  2. Asrielupgraded

    RMMV A way to make Actors stay where they attacked.

    So hey. I'm kinda wondering something. I've seen Gaia's Melody's battle system and how the characters run up to the enemy. They attack. The enemy moves in the direction of the attack and the actor stays where they attacked. See, I'm wondering if there was a way to replicate it. Either with a...
  3. Yoraee

    Changing Actor Position Mid Battle?

    In one of my battles, I want my Actor 1 to move away from the group at a certain turn and be positioned at a new location. I tried doing this using the SVActorPosition plugin which came with RMMV, but it seems the plugin command SVActorPosition doesn't work when called from a troop event or a...
  4. Felix_Cross

    Support/Auxiliary Actors

    Okay. I'm kinda stumped about this issue myself, but I'll try to be as concise and detailed as possible.   From the start: I needed to figure out a way to have an graphic float in front of an actor, like a permanent summon, attacking for that actor.   Using Dargor's Large Party Script and doing...

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