1. RMMZ Changing actor image after a state end

    Hi, I'm using RPG Maker MZ and VisuStella's basic plugin pack. I made a code so, when the character uses the Skill "Transform in Phoenix", his menu photo (and battle), turns into a Phoenix. Afterwards, I created a skill that appears on him in that form, thus making him change to human form...
  2. RMMV Yanfly Auto Passive States | help with only applying effect if target is an Actor.

    I've been trying to make this work and I need some help. This state is the Knockout State. <custom apply effect> if (ally.isStateAffected(1)) { $gameSystem.setWindowskin( "Window2" ) } Basically what's supposed to be happening is when an Actor dies, the menu changes color. Like in...
  3. Equipment detecting which Actor is equipping/unequipping

    I'm pretty new to RPG maker and unfortunately have barely any knowledge on js. I've been wanting to create a paperdoll system where equipping items will show visually on the actors. I've found a couple different plugins that look like they can get me the result I'm looking for. the area I'm...
  4. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    Hi there, Ideally, I need a script that scans all the actors in the database and adds them to a shop window with category tabs, and displays their portrait on the side. You can set the category (shop tab) and price for each actor using note tags on actor database page. When you buy the actor...
  5. dominik

    [VXAce] Can You help me with a condition?

    hey, I make a game and I need to check if a choosen actor is in the party, I try $game_actor.actor?[5] == false, $game_actor[5].actor? == false, I am confused, can someone help me?
  6. Dungeonmind

    DM Actor Battle Voices [MZ]

    Direct Video Link Introduction This plugin will allow you to play customized voices when actors get hit, attack, evade and even has Visustella Victory Plugin Support and can play customized voices upon level up with that plugin as an extra bonus. (Must enable it first in the plugin settings and...
  7. thenerdmansion

    How too: Summoned pet deals 10% more damage if actor ID 11 is wearing summoner robe (armor)

    Like the tittle says, I have 20 years of experience with Rpg Maker and there would be so many ways about doing this. One way would be to implement the damage multiplier in the formula box to check if actor ID x is wearing Armor ID x however this would have to be done to every skill that the...
  8. Help actor moving while event.

    Hello everyone! It's simple: I want to trigger an event when the actor arrives on the map for the first time. It would be an NPC moving toward him, talking to him, before going somewhere else. I had try to set up a movement route + show text + some switches. But I don't know why, I have 2...
  9. RMMV Check if any actor has X item equipped

    Hello, I noticed that in conditional branch event menu, there is a option to check if specific actor has an item equipped. How would a scriptcall which checks if any party member has item X(weapon or armor) equipped look like?
  10. pennylessz

    RMMZ Plugin that allows for an large/infinite number of an actor.

    I'm trying to make an RPG where you can buy characters, and theoretically you should be able to buy as many as you want of any one character. To do that, I have to make several entries for the same character, and then with the Suikoden Tavern plugin they can be stored. Issue is, I can't just...
  11. Cannot read property 'actor' of undefined

    Greetings fellow developers! I am developing my first RPG with RPG Maker MV, up until now I playtested it with a starting party of 4 actors, now I want to start with a single actor so I removed 3 actors from the starting party then when I playtest a new game, I get this: TypeError Cannot read...
  12. dennis_the_tennis

    Change the current character on the Status screen

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to do something that I feel like should be pretty simple, but I'm stumped. When I'm viewing the Status scene, I want the player to be able to press left or right to move to the next actor and view their status screen as well, without having to go...
  13. kyonides

    KSwap XP

    KSwap XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever want to swap actors' skills or enemies' actions? Or perhaps you failed to swap actor's weapons or enemies' atk attribute on you own. If so, you would also need to be able to nullify such skills, don't you think? Then you will be glad...
  14. dnel57

    How to Change Actor's Graphic without changing anything else.

    This is how to change the appearance(disguise?) of an Actor in your party in a way that you will not lose your level, equip, gold or anything else because you are only changing the graphics. It is done through an event. You don't need to change your equipment for this unless, you want to...
  15. Mercedes90

    RMMV Remove HP, MP and TP bars, but for only 1 Actor?

    I've found this Plugin code in an old thread that removes the HP, MP, and TP bars. It's quite useful for my game but only if I get to apply it to only 1 actor. Any help?
  16. RMMV Can't figure out how to spread actors further apart on Y axis

    I have used VE_BattlerGraphicSetup to use enemy battler images as my actors on the battle screen. However given that the default side view actors were much smaller and the enemy battler images are much bigger, now I can hardly see my actors because they're stacked so closely together on the Y...
  17. RMMV Flip & resize static Actors

    I've used Victor Engine Better Graphic Setup to allow me to use the static battler images as actors but now I don't know how I would manage to flip them to be facing the opposite direction in battles. I don't know if there's a simple way to do it using one of the many Yanfly plugins. I used...
  18. kyonides

    UnEkuipSkill XP

    UnEkuipSkill XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction You know how much ghosts hate :aswt: Aluxes aka Alex so why don't you let them disarm him or remove a piece of armor? Keep in mind that you will need to create two new skills in the skill database. Then open the script and go to the...
  19. Dangerous_meme

    Can I scale player and enemy HP, MP, damage, and Skills all at once?

    So I want to scale down the starting and maximum amount of HP, MP, damage dealt from weapons and Skills for player characters and enemies to about 10% of their current value. Is their a way to do this all at once or quickly or do I need to go to each actor, enemy, weapon, and skill and lower...
  20. bishiba

    RMMZ Changing the size of healthbars and such in the battle screen. (SOLVED)

    Where would I find the width and/or height of the bars in the battle screen. See below: Want it to fill the the entire box basically. SOLVED: I solved it with this. It will automatically resize your status gauges based on your screen resolution. I don't know if it collides with other plugins...

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