1. Event for multiple objects?

    Say I have a field of corn with stalks of corn on every other tile, and I want to have the same dialogue pop up when the hero interacts with each stalk of corn. Do I have to copy and paste the same event onto every stalk of corn, or is there a way to attach an event to a certain part of a...
  2. wrigty12

    Request: "Escape" command for each Actor in Battle

    Right now, "Fight" and "Escape" are in a separate ""Party"" menu in battle. I am looking for a plugin that completely removes this ""Party"" menu, and adds "Escape" commands to each individual Actor, giving them each a chance to escape in battle instead of just 1 overall chance for the party...
  3. Can You Call Equip Menu for Specific Actors?

    I am currently working on an alternate menu system apart from Yanfly's (though I may decide to forgo this effort) and am specifically asking if there is a way to call the equip menu for actors other than the main actor (actor 1 or current actor).   I am familiar with the call command;   and I...
  4. SilverDash

    [Solved] Where are Traits applied to the actor?

    I found where it happens for the Battler. But I can't seem to find where this happens for an actor. Say I equip a weapon and it has a trait that increases max_hp by 5%, where is the code located that actually adds this 5%? Same for unequipping. I ctrl-f-ed through the files but no success :( ...
  5. XyonSxT

    Change actor SV graphics depending of states?

    Hi! I was using this plugin:  Graphics Changer But it doesn't work for me, i have this error when i start a "New Game":   I tried everything for do it compatible, but i find no solution.   And yes, is this plugin, and not the other, because when i disable it, the game runs normally.   My...
  6. Rinobi

    Actor Damage Sounds

    Actor Damage Sounds by: Rinobi Version History 1.00 [12/05/2015] Initial Release 1.10 [12/06/2015] ATB Compatability Update 1.20 [12/08/2015] Fixed occasional crash when enemy attacks. 1.30 [12/09/2015] Fixed crash when unarmored actor is damaged. 1.70 [12/10/2015] Major update...
  7. Set actors name same as another actor

    Hey guys! So I'm trying to create a characterselecter but facing a problem. This steps shall be done: - Selecting an actor for later in the story  -  CHECK - Typing in a name and let it change the name of that actor (with script like in the img shown)  -  CHECK - Changing the name of another...
  8. Marillmau5

    Side View - Actor Battler (instead of Sv Actors)

    Side View - Actor Battler Its pretty much using monster battlers but for the heros. I tried making the image static for each sv actor but its too much work in the end. I was wondering if anyone can make it like this. +Actors/heros name pulls from the img/pictures file with the same name...
  9. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster Storage Box

    Monster Storage Box MonsterStorageBox v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script creates a monster/actor storage box system. Do to my ongoing monster breeding script I felt this script also needed to be created. Features 1.Add monsters/actors to the storage. 2.See a few details...
  10. Juztsacki

    Display Text Picks up actor's face.png?

    Hey Guys! Is there a way to make a function where when you display text under one of you events, that it auto pick-up your actors face image with in your party instead of individually selecting the image for each text input? Is possible to make a js script for this or make it where it picks up...
  11. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    Monster/Actor Breeding v0.2   Please test!   Plugin Command: newEgg 1 3 Where 1 is the actor id for the father and 3 is the actor id for the mother.   Hello yall.    I am in the process of creating a breeding program for mv. If anyone is interested please let me...
  12. Access Actor Variables...

    ... Dont look at me like that. I probably missed out something important, but how do I access Actor Variables?   => Wont Work this._level   => Wont Work actor.level   => Wont Work I probably missed to link the variables to something, but I have no idea to what I...
  13. Moogle_X

    Actors Friendship System

    Actors Friendship System v2.08 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin adds friendship mechanic between the main actor and other actors of your choice. Each actor has their own friendship value that can be increased or decreased multiple ways. As the friendship value grows, that...
  14. Klandaghi

    Adding Graphical Assets to the Generator

    This Post is going to include all the Tutorials I write regarding adding Custom Assets to the RPG Maker MV Generator Tutorial Built using Windows Version Must have RPG Maker MV Graphical Editor: GIMP 2.8.14   I'm going to be adding sections to this for each part as I work through adding my own...
  15. Sword_of_Dusk

    [Ace] Issue with Crystal Engine Job Levels

    I have a problem that may or not be simple to solve. I'm using CrystalNoel's Job Levels script in order to keep job levels separate from actor levels. This is important because I'm trying to recreate the class system seen in Dragon Quest 7. The only problem is that once I accumulate enough JP to...
  16. seal actor script?

    Hi. Was wondering if there is a script out there or if someone can quickly make one to have a equipment note tag that seals the actor from using the equipment? <seal actor: id>Just because i dont want to make 2 seperate equipment types for 1 handed and 2 handed swords (for example). Or did i...
  17. Need help removing certain window for key items

    My problem is a little specific. I need my game to not display the second window (with the actor and name) (shown in Capture 2) when an item is selected, but I am unsure how to make this come to pass. Is there a script I need to edit in order for me to prevent this window from popping up...
  18. Zack Phoenix

    Victor Actor Battlers for Classes

    Hello everyone! I have searched and hoped for a solution but I haven't found one yet so I am hoping you guys can help me here. I am using "Victors Actor Battlers" which adds battlers for actor using a notetag in the actors database. What I need is a way to set this up per class and not per...
  19. Chester

    How to change Actor Class while keeping Lv ?

    Hey, I am trying to change my Actor's class and yes I am able to change the Actor's class but his level goes back to 1. How do change the Actor's class while keeping the levels he gained ? Thanks!

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