1. Trying to use switches, having trouble.

    Kinda a noob with this so not sure if I'm doing this right, or if you can understand my problem. But I'll set the stage: I want the start of my game to have two actors and ur character. When you talk to one actor I want the other actor to walk up to you, and the screen to tilt black. I want the...
  2. lordvalinar

    Actor Switches & Variables v1.2

    Actor Switches & Variables v1.2 LordValinar Introduction With RPG Maker MV, switches and variables are globalized - saved within the $gameSystem object. Well there might have been times when you or I required personalized switches/variables to the actor themselves (Races? Gender? Corruption...
  3. tale

    Witch's House Menu+

    Witch's House Menu+ ver 1.01 - 2015.01.20 Creator name: lctseng Introduction A menu similar to Witch's House with additional features. Features - Can display more than one actor (up to 4) - Under "Draw simple status - modify definition" You can show the following things on the status...
  4. Arcadia1996

    [Rpg Maker MV] Actor faceset free ressources/free to ask

    Hi,I was searching for actor 3_4 online and didn't find anything about her so I decided to make a faceset for her. You can also ask me for other actors,I'll post them if I can. They are free to use without quoting me or anything.
  5. Tevi

    Quick question on Dual Wielding.

    I have a small, quick question. Is there a way to limit weapons to specific weapon slots of Dual Wielding? E.G. Weapon One = Swords only for that specific character and Weapon Two = Guns only for that specific character? I know I've been posting a lot recently, I'm just bad at using RPG Maker-
  6. Mr-Toyblock

    Changing enemy/actor name based on their level?

    Alright, so I know enemy levels aren't a thing by default, I'm using Yanflye's enemy levels for that. So here is what I want to do: I want to change an enemy/actor's name every time they go up by 10 levels. Specifically, add a different icon to the name every 10 levels. I already know how to...
  7. Tevi

    Is there a way to check which actor used a certain skill? (Solved)

    Just as the title says. Bit of background info: So, I'm trying to make a system where when Actors attack or use skills too much, they will get tired. I'm mainly having problems with the shared skills as I don't know the answer to this threads question. That's.. quite an obvious statement but...
  8. Khaikaa

    How to know which actor did which action?

    Hi everybody, I'm Khaikaa, a little game developer. As you can see by my registration date, I'm here since a few, but never posted anything until this momment. I just started to mess with the code and I find it a bit hard to follow. I was wondering if someone with enough experience could give...
  9. Yawgmoth

    Yanfly Actor Party Switch Plugin Extension?

    I using Yanfly's Actor Party Switch Plugin for RPG Maker MV located below. I was hoping to restrict the party switch feature to the party leader's turn while choosing the two actors to switch. Instead of allowing the same...
  10. wonderjosh3000

    Window Per Actor in Main Menu?

    OH HOWDY. So, my latest question for guidance and/or assistance and/or help, which is essentially just saying the same thing 3 times, is this: How do I go about having each actor having their status be displayed in their own window? Everything is laid out normally, except rather than all 4...
  11. Giant Animated Rose Monster Actor

    Standards: 144x144, 3 frames, facing down, MV RTP Style Description: A Giant Man eating rose plant with lot's of vines. Colors: Dark Blood Red Folliage with a Viridian Colored Stem. Specifics: Various sized flowers. (2-3 big ones, and the rest should be the same size)
  12. entry animation for enemy and actor

    Anyone who can creates the plugin for Entry animation when enemy or actor appears in the battle?
  13. daisyfairy42

    Check if Actors are in the party, and if so show them as a choice.

    I'm trying to set up a decision where the player will have to choose a party member to leave behind in exchange for a new one, but this is an abnormal event, so I hadn't gotten a party management plugin yet and was trying to do it through eventing. I've tried setting up conditionals to check for...
  14. Position actor problem

    There is a script command that allow me to save the exact position(x,y) of a single actor/enemy (maybe using actor/enemy 's id) into a variable?I need it to make a skill like kamehameha that start from the player and finish in the targeted enemy.
  15. Item user PHA

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here or not but when from the item menu NOT in battle, using an item uses whoever has the highest PHA stat or leader. I'm using Hime's Custom Use Conditions script which allows me to have requirements to use an item which in this case is a state but...
  16. Item change different variables per actor

    How would I go about having different variables change depending on which actor uses an item? Actor 1 uses item 1 which changes variable 1 BUT if actor 2 uses item 1 it will change variable 2 instead. I get the feeling this is simple but I'm just missing something. I tried common events but it...
  17. VX Ace RTP Actors as MV SV-Battlers Sprites

    Hello everyone, I'm new here but i am working with rpg makers for some years now. Does somebody know where to find the VX ACE RTP Actors as SV Battlers sprites, to use them in MV? I really like to use VX Ace sprites, but i prefer to work with the MV Maker and the integrated side view battle...
  18. Panda_Artist

    Script Request - A very simple turn indicator graphic above battler

    Hello Everyone I am looking for a way to display a small arrow graphic above my actor battler in battler when it's their turn. I am using the default battle system, with Galv's animated battlers. Is there a way to do this? I would not have a problem with this, however I am using a cursor...
  19. Panda_Artist

    Actor-Exclusive Skill Animations

    Good Morning / Day / Afternoon / Evening everyone. First of all, I want to tell you all this is my first time posting on these forums. Now, on to the subject at hand. I am looking for a script which can do the following It will play a different animation depending on which actor is using it...
  20. Variable Actor Element Rate

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out a way to link my actors element rates to a variable. The idea is to implement a decisions system that has a direct link to an actors elemental resistances (ie. make evil decisions, become more evil, become more resistant to dark but less resistant to light)...

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