1. Wrongful

    Tall/Mack Actors

    I spent all of last night trying to figure this out, but to no avail. I've figured out how to make Mack-sized NPCs successfully, but the same sprites I use for NPCs don't work for actors. How would I make a Mack-sized actor?
  2. Isabella Ava

    Change Whole Party Walking Graphic?

    Hi Guys, can you help me with scripts or a plugin to: change whole Party Walking Graphic (included Actors who joined but not in main Party?) and a method to check if whole Party's Walking Graphic is === a Specified Walking Graphic Or not (like "People1", "index6") Thanks guys
  3. Isabella Ava

    Guys Please HELP T.T

    Hi there, i need help with scripts to change party leader (#1 member in party) 's walking graphic into the same walking graphic as another event/current event, plz Thanks guys @.@
  4. DOOM Style Status Avatars

    I am making a strategy game based off of the aesthetic of DOOM and I want to keep most of that vibe to my game that I'm making. In DOOM, you are placed in first person with a HUD that displays a face, showing distress when he takes damage or joy when he picks up a new weapon. I want to do...
  5. I need help with character movement animations

    So i bought some dlcs the other day (The Medieval ones on Steam) and wanted to make a game using the tilesets and characters featured in the packs. The only problem i have here is that when i swapped the original actor (Harold) to one from the dlc packs It basically wont move. I got it to face...
  6. eXalted

    Ignore Actor with a Specific State

    How can I easily make it so that an enemy ignores actors with a specific state? I see some way s that this can be achieved but they don't seem okay to me: 1. Use Yanfly AI Core and make all attacks on all enemies check if the target has this state. This is absolutely not an elegant solution...
  7. Actors/monster storage and party manager

    Hello, I'm making a monster game, with a system that is similar to Pokemon games, where you can catch monsters and leave them in a storage box or something like that. But, I've a problem. I want my game to have a base party of 6 members, where only 3 of them can fight at the same time, and then...
  8. Actor Version of Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies Plug-in?

    Hi, I am looking for a plug-in that does exactly what Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plug-in does, except I need one for actors. You can find the script here as well as a video of what it looks like and does. It adds Movement and Breathing like effects to Static SV Enemies etc...
  9. Blair Pendragon

    Larger SV battle actors request

    A long while ago I came across a few different plugins to allow larger actor spirtes in the side view battle system. (for the party, not for enemies) I'm struggling to find these plugins with searches. (The master list webpage doesnt seem to work for me anymore, dont know why. Google just...
  10. Skytor

    Character stats based on other character

    Is it possible to have a character's stats be based on another characters? I have a ability that creates "Blood Constructs" and was wondering if it was possible to base the constructs stats on the stats of the character that summoned it, i am also using yanfly's base parameter control plugin so...
  11. Wrongful

    Multi-frame Events?

    Maybe there's a better term for this, but I don't know it, so... What I want to do is let events and actors change their sprite in a cycle in the overworld, kind of like a GIF. In the game UNDERTALE, this effect is present very often, such as here. Is there a way to do this in RPGMV? Thanks in...
  12. MRD256

    Actor Graphic Change on Equipment

    I'm looking for a simple plugin that can change an actor's graphic (Top-Down and Battler) depending on what equipment they have on. I've tried using Rexal's Visual Equipment plugin but it's just a little to complicated for me. I also plan on just using 1 equipment slot to put said equipment in...
  13. Jimminybob

    Having actor faint in cutscene

    Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of creating a cutscene and in it a character gets shot. Once that happens I would like to have the actor then fall to the floor, similar to how they would in battle if they fainted. However I've been looking through the event options and I couldn't see one that...
  14. RhysO101

    A Plugin that make each group receive a different amount of damage from a skill?

    I would like one of my enemies to have an explosion attack which instantly kills them while dealing some damage to the allies without instantly killing them. Is there a plugin out there that does this job?
  15. Black Noise

    [Request] Actor-based inventories (w/Bulk+Weight management)

    I've pretty much made this sort of request before over a year ago but I'd like to reiterate it. Way back, RPG Maker VX Ace had this script which added individual inventories for each actor. Each party member could have...
  16. Kisakii

    Hiding Reserve Party Members

    Hello! I am creating a project with several actors, and the player may choose what he wants when he go to the tavern npc. I'm using the Yanfly plugin PartySystem, and going very well. But if you chooses 3 actors I don't want that the fourth reserve party member appears in semi-transparent, I...
  17. Help me with Actors Please..

    Hey I am new to RPG Maker I guess you could say I'm a noob. And I'm working on my first game but I can't figure out how to change the number of starting party members. I went to actors in the database and right clicked on the unneeded actors and click clear but now they show up in my game as...
  18. InsertCreativeNameHere

    How to make an actor be active in party but not in battle?

    I'm in a situation here I want an actor following the first actor but not showing up in battle, since all their actions in battle are dealt with common events. If I was comparing it to something it would be like how temporary characters work in the Earthbound/Mother series where they follow the...
  19. Newquaza 96

    Get party member n°x's actor ID and store it in a variable

    In my RPG Maker MV game, certain events require the player to choose one party member to interact with something. For that reason, i have managed to make a multiple choice system that checks for the number of alive party members and gives a number of choices based on that. (if all 4 party...
  20. Tatsumaro

    Change sprite size script

    dose it exist? or is this a possibly idea for the next plugin :D CHARACTER SPRITE ZOOMING but for MV, and if redirected to Actors even PERFECT [YEP.141 – Scale Sprites – RPG Maker MV] only in the world MAP

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