1. styx92

    Battler state colour effects

    Hey guys, someone now a plugin or can create some to change the colour of enemys or actors for a frozen or a petrified state? I have create more images for my actors example: petrified = grey. But for every enemy a extra image is not an option, there must be a easier way.  I think many...
  2. GoodSelf

    Name Imput based on Actor Selection

    Hello all - so I'm going to have well over 60+ characters in my game, and there's no telling which characters a player will have/use at any given point in the game. Now, I want to be able to change the names of these characters, but setting up an event manually with conditions if you have...
  3. Eff-n-Geoff

    Actor standing on Event - Actor begins flashing

    Hi there, I have a couple of instances in one map where if the main actor is standing on an event, the actor flashes constantly.  The event he is standing on is set to below the actor, and the odd thing is that there are multiple of the same kind of event on the map. But it only happens on...
  4. Jonforum

    How make a actor() transparents or hide?

    Hi guys. This other way to do thats. i need to set the actor(1) to alpha 0 ? $ = true; $gamePlayer.refresh(); Because when hide, this make move the actor(2) to the actor(1) position.!!! by the hell I need to set him transparent only and try a lot of...
  5. styx92

    Store current actor ID into variable

    Hey guys. I have mabye a simple question. I need to know a scriptcall or somethinh to check the current actor in battle. The id from the actor, who is on turn actually.  Example: current actor id = variable  Please help :/
  6. Zack Phoenix

    Actor Quotes Addon for Yanfly Battle Results

    So in Yanfly's VX Ace Version of the "battle results" plugin, actors all had something to say in each of the battle result screens, showing one out of a pool of set-up quotes. (e.g.: Actor 3 saying "I-is it over?" when the battle is won,  then Actor 1 saying "I call dibs!"  on the loot screen...
  7. Trying to make Actor Dependent Events

    So, I'm trying to make it so that whenever a different party member 'activates' an object, they'll say something different from one of their comrades. I've followed steps from VX/VXAce guides, but nothing seems to be working. When I go to activate it, no text box comes up. Is there...
  8. Is there anyway to change party member image via event call?

    Is there a way to change actor image via event call? For example I have party member, "Cart"(It's an actor). FYI: This cart is hidden to my party menu via Guest Follower pluggin by Himerworks But I'm planning to set a variable counter so that when it reaches 10, the cart image will change...
  9. ramza

    [MV] Animated animal battlers

    Good evening resource request forum. I am looking for animated side view battlers for fairly common JRPG animals. To be specific, I'm looking for at least a bear and some form of large cat, I'd prefer a panther, but a tiger or lion will also work. I already found this neat wolf sprite by...
  10. Actor not moving toward images

    Hello! I have an issue in RPG Maker MV where I have some images, but they constantly stay the same spot on the screen, and I need it so that your player can be touching the images.
  11. S.Court

    Help with healing formula

    Hello, I have a question, you'll see, I have been working in a certain formula class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def hp_regen(a, b) x0 = ([30000, b.mhp].min) / 16.0 dmg = x0 + b.luk variance = low = 0.87 high = 0.99 dmg *= variance.rand(low..high)...
  12. kawaiidesuchan

    NPC and Actor text merging?

    Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this issue, and I've tried my best to fix it (which included a lot of Google searches) to no avail. I'm in the process of creating my first game, a little experiment of mine to learn the mechanics, and I've come across some trouble...
  13. Actor Summoning In-Battle.

    Hello! Currently working on a game that involves summoning special monsters with custom sprites to aid a certain class in battle, I know there is an enemy summoning plugin, but I need an actor summoning plugin. Sounds complicated I know, trying not to be picky but for the type of game I'd...
  14. Alistair

    AP - Blocking

    ~ Blocking ~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.   ► Introduction This plugin introduces what I call "Block Rate" and "Block Reduction". The Block Rate determines the likeliness of blocking an incoming attack...
  15. Ossra

    Replace Method Issue

    I have been editing the default Window_Status code, removing the actor parameters and equipment to open up an larger area for the actor profile. The stored profile text is passed through drawTextEx which uses the convertEscapeCharacters function. Now, convertEscapeCharacters should convert the...
  16. Actor's Equipment 'Overlayed' on Graphic?

    This isn't a script request per se - at least not yet - this topic currently exists just to question whether or not this sort of thing is possible using a script. Basically, I was using Khas' Awesome Lighting Script (as a lot of people do, it's great) and when I realized that the 'lantern'...
  17. Black Noise

    Equipment adding "Warmth"

    I'm using Yanfly's Actor Variables plug-in to create a Survival Needs system which works through common events  I'm making that each correspond to each party member's various needs (Very tedious work). One of the Needs I had in mind was maintaining a character's body temperature in various...
  18. SlySlySly

    Busts for actors/people tabs

    Hello! I am using Galv's Bust plugin. It is great though I have to do it for every single character. I was wondering if there is any resources out there of busts for some of the default graphics. Such as the people 1 2 3 and so on. As well as maybe actor 1 2 3. Anyone know anything? If so...
  19. Omegadragon8

    Yanfly Actor Transformations Lunatic Coding Help

    Hello :)  I am posting this question on Lionheart_84's behalf. Recently Yanfly released an awesome new tips and tricks video about using states to Transform Actor's into upgraded forms (ala Super Saiyan). In Yanfly's lunatic coding, it alters the actors battler and portrait to represent the...
  20. Actor Inspection Menu (For actors outside the party)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a plugin that makes it possible to inspect actors outside the current party. Preferably with an option to group the actors into groups like pets, heroes, villagers etc. using notetags in the actors notebox. Ideally, I would like the plugin to be compatible or...

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