1. Variables to pick up when party order is changed

    Hi yall! I recently fell in love with this alt bust menu plugin and I had the idea that, since my game is only going to have one character playable at a time, I could add invisible actors to the party and make a sort of card menu. When a player uses the formation option and selects a "card" and...
  2. Parlu10

    Change Party Leader

    I was wondering if there's a way to change the position of an actor when he's added to the party, and make him the leader. I couldn't find any method to do it, so i hope that someone can help me Thank you in advance.
  3. Seanwest21

    Actor Portraits in Battle based on HP Percentage.

    I don't know if anyone has asked. Since there are SO MANY REQUESTS I haven't looked through them all to see if this has been posted before. But my request is a FREE standard Actor Portrait in Battle Plug-In for RPG Maker MV. That changes based on how much HP your characters have left. I.E. Say...
  4. Actors won't move

    So I've been using the software for over a year now. Never had an issue with this. So I have a battle scene between two fighters. Halfway through the battle (After being able to move on a platform with all the same blocks) They can't move. They stop. It's like an invisible wall is blocking them...
  5. Ezpaguety

    Guide me to or please create a plugin for animated actor faces only for the main menu

    First time posting here, sorry if Im at the wrong place. The video speaks for itself I believe (RPGmaker MV) I need a plugin that allows me to have looped picture animations on my actor portraits based on the actors included in the party but ONLY at the main menu screen. If it could also have...
  6. PhilsArt

    Large actors for 2 or more slots in team

    Hey RPG Maker community, searched for ages for a plugin that allows you to define an actor who take up 2 or more slots in the party. For example the default party size is set to be 4 = 4 actors will be in your team, but what if one actor, large in size, will take 2 slots in the team, which...
  7. tale

    Side-view Actor for Menu

    dsSVActorForMenu - ver1.3.0 (2016/01/19) Creator name: Douraku Overview Displays the side-view actors in the menu without faces Features - Set Motion for Idle - Set Motion when actor selected (Active) - You can set Note tag for States Example) Under States put <menuActorMotion:motion name>...
  8. 2 Anthro Sprite/Face/Battler

    Resource Type: Sprite recolor, face, side view battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Open to any Description: Hello all, I am new to rpg maker and am starting making an adventure (like so many others). I am hitting a road block when it comes to actor assets. What I am looking for is: 1...
  9. Rehtinor

    Actor Reference (Easily Event Edition)

    Howdy, Actor Reference is a must for heavily evented games with multiple playable characters. Simply put it allows you to use an Actor as a Reference to any other Actor using a Variable. Yep that's right now you can have a Player Actor that will reference whatever Actor the Player is controlling...
  10. Calling Common Events with Items

    My objective is to decrease a variable and the actors mp. But the variable that is decreased depends on the actor the item is used on. But I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Is their a specific scriptCall that selects the actor an item is used on?
  11. GethN7

    Script to prevent clones of reserve party members from joining active party

    Since I've run into a problem with all party related scripts concerning this (I'm using Yanfly's Party Menu for now, but similar scripts have the exact same issue), I'm wondering how I would prevent being able to recruit a clone of a party member that is in my reserve party but NOT my active...
  12. Hagal_

    Follower movement/pattern adjustment

    Hi! I have been searching far and wide (which offcourse does not guarantee that it isn´t right in front of me) for a plugin that lets me change the way followers follow me. As of now, I do not show the followers on map because of the ugly and non-immersive way the followers stick to your back...
  13. ??????

    More assets like MV's 'SF_Actor' busts??

    Hi, As the title suggests I am looking for information on how to obtain/if there are any - assets similar to those given in the 'ExtraAssets/pictures/' folder. All of these pictures are bust type images for actors, but not all actors are included... I am hoping to find more assets in this...
  14. How to remove a "not chosen actor"?

    So I've made a system when players can choose their character, it is a 1player game without a party of other characters. So when the player has chosen their character, how to remove the other one. So that the other one is not showing up in your save files of the game AND in your menu? Because...
  15. Azar

    How can I change the appearance of actors over time in RMMV

    I want my characters to change outfits and hair colors throughout my game. Is there anyway I can do this and not have to start a new game with new characters? From this - To This - somewhere in the middle of the game.
  16. Craig

    EXP for Party Members Participating in Battle/YEP_Actor Party Switch

    I am using the YEP_ActorPartySwitch plugin to swap out characters in battle. But it seems that the only characters that get EXP are the ones that are actively in the party when the battle ends. How can I make it so all the characters that participated in the battle get EXP, but any that did not...
  17. Diamond Star

    Limited Inventory

    I think of using a feature that: a- Limits number of items in inventory. e.g. 50. b- Limits number of instances of consumable items. e.g. 20 for each. I think it adds more depth and force player to pay attention to what he hold or buy. On another hand, it;d by annoying for many players who like...
  18. Nightblade50

    Damage tiles only damage some actors

    I am using RMMV. I want some damage tiles to only damage certain actors in the party, and some other damage tiles will not damage a certain actor. For example, if a fire elemental is in your party, I do not want it to be hurt by fire tiles like other actors. Also, I want water to hurt that...
  19. Rishi Raj Jain

    Extend max limit of MV database

    Hello guys, I was making Actor entries for My Pokemon Essentials MV Project but soon I got to know than I can't Make more than 1000 Actors. And the Pokemon Count of Gen 7, is 1000+ { Including all Alternate forms (Unown, etc), Mega Pokemons, Primal Forms, etc.} Therefore, I'm kind of struck...
  20. Reset actor formation to default on map change.

    Hi, I bet this has been asked before but I want to know how or if this can be done? I want my players to be able to do any formation of the actors they like in their party during the fighting maps in my game using 1 actor at a time with Alpha ABS. But I have the second part of my game where...

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