1. Moxy

    Add-On Content Released By Date

    I'm getting ready to release my game in about a month. I want to have add-on content (weapons, outfits, items) that are on the game from day one, but won't be available to the user until later dates. For example I might have a Halloween themed outfit available on Halloween. This way as time...
  2. Animebryan

    Need modification or add-on for YEP_X_StateCategories

    I need a modification or add-on for Yanfly's State Categories plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2016/04/03/yep-89-state-categories/ My game uses multiple versions of each state. For example: With that being the case, I've started doing my Ailment Resist states which increase resistance with each...

    qPicture Plus - click pictures : set variables

    qPicture Plus Variables control ! Hi there, Here is my small contribution to the Quxios plugin "qPicture", made for qPlus the library. The link to download the original plugins : https://quxios.github.io/plugins /!\ you cannot use qPicture if you don't have the qPlus.js plugin activate upper...
  4. Kes

    Yanfly Lunatic State code problem

    I have this snippet for Yanfly's Lunatic State script. It has been inserted at line 188 (default line number) i.e. just above where it says, "Stop editing past this point." So I'm sure it's in the right place. The instructions for using this snippet are...
  5. Oscar92player

    [Bug] [SumRndmDde] Options Creator plugin

    Hello, everyone, and sorry to bother you with this! I need help trying to fix a bug in the Options Creator plugin (and add-on for the Options Upgrade plugin), made by SumRndmDde. I've reported this in his site months ago, but it seems that he is not working anymore on his plugins, and is...
  6. How Would DLC In-Game Work?

    Please note: I am NOT referring to making a pay-to-win style of game or other such things. I despise games like that. The question is relatively simple: How exactly would I make it so the player could purchase additional content for a game? I'm assuming the purchasing option would need to be...
  7. Almost Simon

    Simon's Stuff Cabinet

      Hi. In this thread I will just post any of my edits or originals, tiles, characters, icons, whatever I might do. Do whatever you want with these, feel free to edit or request me to do any edits too. Credits for the RTP edits go to Kadokawa. Feel free to credit me if you want...
  8. funanya

    POP! Horror Add-ons

    I have created some bathroom stuff for my game that is similiar to POP! Horror City tileset by VexedEnigma. There are for a school bathroom or whatever bathroom you like. There are not perfect but blends well for me. Enjoy! Free to use! (the sink and mirrors are by zmanwarrior) (example below of...
  9. FuzzyDemon

    FuzzyDemon MV Generator Parts

    I am no longer active in this thread. The folder hierarchy might be wrong in a bunch of these resources as a lots of things have changed since the last time I touched any of these. I don't plan on doing anything more over here. I have been extremely busy with university and starting a whole game...
  10. C.W. Plainview

    Request for small (hopefully) fix for Skill Equip add-on script

    I am using Yami's Skill Equip (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/6727-skill-equip/) and Engr. Adiktuzmiko's Passive States Add-on (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/25936-yes-skill-equip-add-on-passive-states/). Both scripts work fantastic! However, I have come across...
  11. Uzuki

    Kread-EX's Possible Add-on

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get a edit for Kread-EX's Runic Enchantment script. I was wondering if there was a way to have only certain runes applied to certain weapons. For example: The Rune, Scope, can be applied to all Gun weapons, but not to Melee weapons. It would really help...
  12. nerdmor

    Problem removing menu options

    Hello all. I'm sute this is a dumb question, but my Google-Fu and trial-and-error methods have failed me. I'm trying to edit the main menu and, as a POC, have it only display the "status" line. Looking in the code, I though that commenting some lines would work (printscreen in the spoiler)...
  13. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] [Solved!] (Monogatari) Adding either a scenecall or extra menu

    Hello everybody, I'm here with a somewhat difficult (for me) problem. Now I am no coder, I should say, but I can follow directions perfectly.  I am using the Monogatari Menu system and I am attempting to add in a secondary skill system. ( Galv's Magic Shards ) First of all I have attempted to...
  14. VE-Animated Battler Scripting Advice needed

    Hello just recently joined the forums in order to understand a couple scripts I have inputted into my game and have had a decent success rate at getting what i need accomplished. My understanding of scripting is rather limited, but sufficient in getting the rest of my Game Core operational and...
  15. Seriel

    Different max levels for classes? (YEA Class System)

    I was thinking it would be a good idea for a script to make an add on to YEA Class System by making each class have a different max level, with the actor's max level being the overall cap no matter what the class is. Using this, you could make classes which when you reach max level, the better...
  16. Meguido

    Compatibility Add-on between Hime's Equippable Limits and Instance Items

    Equippable Limits Compatibility Add-on with Instance Items by Meguido   Introduction A few weeks ago I asked for this compatibility to Tsukihime but then I made it myself. So if you (like me) want to have compatibility between this 2 scripts you can use this little script. Basically it makes...
  17. Evan Finkel

    Manga Maker Comipo fantasy add-on?

    Lots of peoples do fantasy or historical games in rpg maker, and a good game requires good graphics too. I tried demo of Comipo, it's nice.. But I may give an idea of fantasy add-on for comipo? Just like causal wear, swim wear.. bla bla bla.. But this should features fantasy clothing, different...
  18. richter_h

    Tankentai Add-on: Screen Effects - Focus Attack Visibility

    Screen Effects - Focus Attack Visibility by richter_h (a.k.a. Richter II) Introduction You know, it'll be a more dramatic when a certain spellcaster casts Chaos Meteor that showing rain of chaos in enemy's area WITHOUT showing the rest of party member (who just stand still and watch the world...
  19. Lunarea

    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 2 | The Adventurer's Journey 2 | Fantasy Music Mini Pack

    Today, we have 3 great new products to share with you. Tyler is back with a brand new batch of battlers. Inspired by classic games like Dragon Quest, this set features 50 new battlers - from creepy fish from the depths of the oceans to trolls and dragons, and more! Check out some great...
  20. Helladen

    Debug Battle Add-on

    Introduction This is part of YEA - Battle Engine, one of my favorite systems in it is the debug controls. This script contains only those controls. You can read more about it in the comments section of the code, which explains which controls do what.   This script should work with almost...

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