1. Parallax Panda

    Simple math with variables and script calls?

    Okay, maybe this isn't really Javascript? Maybe it is? I dunno because I'm a complete chump when it comes to programming (and math in general), but I think this might be the correct section of the forums to ask this. At least most people on this board probably know how to do what I'm asking...
  2. goldenhawk

    I have seen advertisements on facebook about rpg maker supporting consoles

    Is it true that one day we can export to nintendo switch and xbox one and playstation 4? if so i will buy the version supporting those export modules in a heartbeat.
  3. Ganimate

    How can I change the font of the choice boxes?

    Hi everyone! First time on the forums and first time using VN Maker! Enjoying it a lot so far! Now, here's the questiong that brings me here seeking for help: I want to change the font of the default choice boxes that VN Maker has. I found this script in the forums which is really useful...
  4. FoxySeta

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks the game after answering

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks tha game after answering. Is that an engine bug or am I just doing things wrong? I haven't tested this there, but you can use an Action UI template to check it yourselves.
  5. Guardinthena

    Random Variable Adds to a Variable

    This little problem of mine is over my head. I've tried to find other forums that discuss the matter, and though they have shed insight, it has not solved my problem. I am attempting to set up an item in my game that is called 'Coin Pouch.' It is tied to a common event that is supposed to...
  6. Adding Party Member Bug - HELP!

    SOLVED ;; I didn't actually really 'fix' the problem but I realized a much simpler solution to go with. Thanks for the help everyone! ~~~~~ To put it simply, I finally figured out how to add a new character to my party and I was really happy -- he appeared to the right of my character, and...
  7. Balot

    Add specific buff to specific weapon

    Is there any way to add a specific buff to the weapon that is equiped by a character, so that it stays in the weapon even if the weapon is unequipped? For example, let's say that I have a Poison Vial and use in a character to add Poison Attack to the weapon, but if I unequip the weapon, the buff...
  8. VesperCire

    How to addtabs?

    Let me start by saying that this might not be posted in the right section, and if it is not, then I apologize in advance. My game will have no purpose for the 'armor' tab, so I want to remove it, or title it something else. In my game you can create potions, and I would like to have a tab...
  9. VesperCire

    How to add/remove tabs?

    Let me start by saying that this might not be posted in the right section, and if it is not, then I apologize in advance. My game will have no purpose for the 'armor' tab, so I want to remove it, or title it something else. In my game you can create potions, and I would like to have a tab...
  10. scytaic

    Multiple Equipment changes character graphic (add and remove) Without script!

    Hi! :D This is my first post so forgive me if I'm doing anything wrong! I've been searching for a few hours now for a way to be able to change my character by adding or removing equipment. It was pretty easy just to add and remove one. But when I tried to find how to add and remove multiple...
  11. Is there a way to add a equip button to the status window

    I'm trying to implement a button in the status screen, which can open the equip menu. I just can't get it to work. I would appreciate help:) My game uses the Non-Combat Menu v1.04 by mishi, therefore the simplified status screen in the screenshot. Here is the link to the script...
  12. Keruwb

    Add a new GAUGE RMMV

    Is there a way to add a new gauge like the TP or MP gauge? I need to make a class that will use a new gauge. I know the way to make my MP gauge disappear and even change the name of the MP gauge with a class, but it's not enough since even if I change the name of my MP gauge for a class, it will...
  13. Dreadshadow

    Request: Encounters. Control them using a script command.

    So I was thinking, we right click on a map name on the map list. We select Map Properties. And there is that huge Encounters List that is empty. We fill it with Troop to encounter, weight and range (whole map or a region). Question 1: Assume you got a map called MyMap. Can what I described...
  14. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Quote Help

    Community, Hello, I've been a lurker for about two years now and I'm currently super frustrated.  Hope someone can help me.  I use VX Ace and most Yanfly Engines (Ace, Core, Battle) and Yanfly Victory Aftermath.  Here's my problem. In my game I have an actor that cannot speak, so for the first...
  15. Morpheus

    Simple script for armor to add/take Variables

    Hello, just as the title implies I am looking for a script where equipping armor adds whatever amount I want of a specified Variable and un-equipping  said armor would take away from said Variable.  If possible, weapons being included would be appreciated as well but it is not a priority :)...
  16. Adding to a ticking timer.

     In my game you're under a timer that never resets till gameover. However, completing small Mini-Missions along the way will add more time to the clock. I looked around and I know how to make a timer but I am still not sure what eventing or scripting could make adding to it possible. Can you...
  17. shiori4me

    Help with conditioning if effect is "Add State 51" and soforth?

    I have it so that say an iron breastplate will have damage from High moves be at 70%, and the chance of receiving states from them is at 30%, but I want to exclude the state Remove Guard/Remove Magic Guard. I already have the damage modifier and the "staterate" aspect of that (which is a...
  18. ThatChillingLittleKiddo

    Add to the story.

    Add on to this story. There was a boy in the forest he was young he found many things in the forest......... People add on and such.
  19. Petite Elite

    Yanfly Ace Equip Engice

    I'm using Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine (obviously :P ) but I'm not sure how to make equipping an armour or weapon add an equipment slot.  i.e. the option to equip a sword augment is only available once a sword is equipped, etc. I have searched thoroughly to see if this was possible, but I'm...
  20. Venima

    [VX Ace Character Edit] Add lantern and extend coat

    Hi guys, I'm making a horror game and am in need of a small edit for a couple of my characters. Basically the player will be holding a lantern during most (but not all) of his time in the game, and I would like this to be represented in the character graphic. The coat/jacket is also too short...

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