1. ts50

    Icons for 2k3?

    This is a very short question, but one that might take a lot more to answer. Is there any way to add icons to skills, items, weapons, etc...for rm2k3? Whether it's like in RMXP, with a small picture, not a whole iconset, or like RMVX+, with groups of icons in an iconset? I don't care how...
  2. Combining the value to two variables

    I've lurked for hours and couldn't find an answer to this one. I've been stomped for hours and maybe it's just because I'm tired, but I've never had to attempt this before. I need to be able to add together (or multiply) two variables that are defined by what the player does throughout the...
  3. firestalker

    How do you add an option to the default Option Screen?

    I want to add an option to the Options Screen the changes a Switch or Variable so that I can call that Switch or Variable to make changes in an event [common or otherwise].  Unfortunately I have ZERO knowledge of Java and so have no idea how to do this. Is there a way to add an option to the...
  4. Mooglelover

    Adding Monsters

    Hello, I noticed I can't add monsters to rpg maker mv for some reason. The images are png files and they have transparent backgrounds. I put them directly into the folder with monster battlers for my project but I still can't use them, they aren't even showing up in the program. Any idea what I...
  5. Klandaghi

    Adding Graphical Assets to the Generator

    This Post is going to include all the Tutorials I write regarding adding Custom Assets to the RPG Maker MV Generator Tutorial Built using Windows Version Must have RPG Maker MV Graphical Editor: GIMP 2.8.14   I'm going to be adding sections to this for each part as I work through adding my own...
  6. Petite Elite

    Yanfly Ace Equip Engice

    I'm using Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine (obviously :P ) but I'm not sure how to make equipping an armour or weapon add an equipment slot.  i.e. the option to equip a sword augment is only available once a sword is equipped, etc. I have searched thoroughly to see if this was possible, but I'm...
  7. Adding different sprites into the program

    Hello I'm new to the forums so if I break any rules with posting this in the wrong section I apologize in advance. I just wanted help using sprites that I found in the forums that would work really well for the prototype game I'm doing (just for a placeholder for now). Like I downloaded it but I...

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