1. Guardinthena

    Medieval Resource Additions

    I've created some edits to some of Jesse -PVGames wonderful Medieval tilesets, and with his permission I am allowed to post them here to share with the community. Hopefully others will find use for these in their games as much as I have! Please enjoy! Terms: Free to use in commerial or...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Need Help adding variables + Checking minimum

    I have a small problem trying to add some variables together as it gives me the following error message. ◆Control Variables:#0009 d6_num1 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0010 d6_num2 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0011 d6_num3 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0012 d6_num4 = Random 1..6...
  3. Galenmereth

    Galenmereth's RTP Additions

    Hello everyone. As I'm working on my game, I've come over some instances where I need to customize or add tiles to the tilesheets. Since what I need is probably something others end up needing as well, I thought I'd share them here in this thread. The tilesheet so far is small, but I'll update...

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