1. Ari_Arrivederci

    Help With Add-On Generator Parts Not Showing!

    So I'm not sure if this is right place to post this I'm kinda brand new But I just bought a bunch of DLC packs from the RPG Maker website specifically the japanese character expansions and I tried to add each part to their respective folders (they're all properly labeled) and when I start up...
  2. Jomarcenter

    [Sublime Text] RPG Maker MV Snippet for plugin developement

    The semi-Complete snippet for the RPG Maker MV plugin development snippets for Sublime text 2 and 3 from the Visual Studio code version, now ported to sublime. This add-on allowed to autocomplete all the necessary code for easier plugin developements Source code...
  3. PandaMaru and TheRealFusion's Chandeliers addons by me.

    Original: You guys must know the famous Royal pack from PandaMaru and TheRealFusion, right? I was needing some small chandeliers from other angles (facing foward and downward) but they didn't have them in their pack, so I...
  4. tale

    "Last Get" Text, "Loss Get" Text

    Torigoya_TextLastGet - Feb 20, 2016 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview add "last get item" to message. (\lastGet) When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message. Features - Shows icon and item name in text - Also include text for gold increase Example-...
  5. tale

    Debug Window Shortcut

    DebugWindowShortCut - 2018/07/04 (Ver.1.1) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Adds a shortcut key to the debug window Controls - Debug window displayed in F9 - S=Switch - V=Variable - You can use number keys Inside the debug window Example 1: Entering s 100 will go to the 100th switch Example...
  6. tale

    Debug Window Shortcut

    DebugWindowShortCut - 2018/07/04 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Adds a shortcut key to the debug window Controls - Debug window displayed in F9 - S=Switch - V=Variable - You can use number keys Inside the debug window Example 1: Entering s 100 will go to the 100th switch Example...
  7. Branic

    RMMV Plugins Help Viewer

    I got tired of dropping out of what I was doing, opening the Plugin Manager, then a Plugin, browsing the help documentation, and finally drilling back down into what I was originally working on. And since I couldn't find any tool for that ... I created one. NOTE: This tool is for Windows only...
  8. DarkMetaknight

    Yanfly Disassemble Addon: Retrieve Upgrades & Augments

    First of all, the following scripts are mentioned, all by Yanfly; Item Disassemble, Attachable Augments, and Item Upgrade Slots. If you're not familiar with the mentioned scripts be sure to check out their features: The Problem: When Disassembling a crafted item, the materials used to upgrade...
  9. Otto

    RE Menu: "Do not Drop" & "Replace Use" commands addons/edit

    Solved Howdy, My edited RE Menu was basically done, aside from some very minor visual tweaks, when a new idea (well, two ideas actually) bugged my head, and so - in turn - I decided to bug you guys as well :D So, originally I removed the "Discard" commands, because I want the player to manage...
  10. XAS "Add on" script request.

    Hello ! I searched somebody to do this, but nobody around me had enough knowledges about the XAS 0.6 of Moghunter to do it. Maybe around here can help ? What I want is maybe a bit complicated. What I want is that when an ennemi is looking on Up or Down direction that he throws no attack. I...
  11. wintyrbarnes

    Confirmation add-on for Galv's Single Actor Menu Target?

    I'm using Galv's Single Actor Menu Target plugin in my project, since it only has one playable character, and I wanted to see if anybody could help me add a confirmation menu for using an item? For example, currently you select an item and it is automatically used on the actor. What I'd like...
  12. Otto

    Requesting add-on or modification for XAS abs script

    'sup guys. Wile taking a small break from my main, bigger, rm2k3 project, I'm working on some easy peasy stuff for rmvxa, and I'm working on a small hack&slash-like title that revolves around the XAS Active Battle System, which I think everybody knows ('tho I'll post the script down there for...
  13. Naveed

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections (YEP_SectionedGauges Addon)

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections Latest Version: v1.00 Introduction and Features: This is an extension plugin for Yanfly's Sectioned Gauges Plugin. This plugin allows for gauge sections to have flat values instead of dividing the gauge into a set number of parts. For example, you can set HP...
  14. Terumoc

    (Addon for Yanfly's Battle Status Window) Customize Actor Face Opacity

    I love Yanfly's Battle Status Window that includes the actor's faces as well as a nice large area for effect icons. However, I can't be the only one who ever wanted to change the opacity of the actor's faces for less visual clutter and so that the effects are more visible, like so: I've made...
  15. KingKraken

    "Yanfly's Class Change Core" one directional class tree?

    Basically the problem I'm having, is that Yanfly's core on it's own, allows actors to change classes to whatever they want. But what I'd want it to do, is lock an actor into a path among that tree. No going backwards, only forward and branch hopping. Here's a quick diagram of what I'm looking...
  16. Alistair

    [ADDON] AP - Ability Distribution

    ~ Ability Distribution ~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.   The Ability Distribution plugin is an addon to my Stat Distribution plugin: It will thus not work on its own. Make sure that both plugins are always...
  17. ramza

    [release]Battle AI Core TGR extension

    Hey all. I just made a quick and dirty little script to add TGR as a valid param for Yanfly's BattleAICore. What it does: Allows the option of using TGR to determine a target, when using the param option. Enemies using this param will target the actor with the TGR that matches the param...
  18. NM Play

    YEP_RowFormation addon enemy position

    Hi just wanted ask for a addon to Yep_RowFormation plugin for custom enemy row position depending of they row number, like actors settings: *actor settings are like this: ---Row 1 Settings--- Row 1 Home X = Row 1 Home Y = ---Row 2 Settings--- ... *Something  like i want for...
  19. omnikeith

    looking for a Minecraft like crafting grid and inventory system

    I am looking for a menu or item activated crafting system that uses a grid to place items in to craft them like minecrafts 3x3 crafting grid. it needs to be at lease 3x3 and it would be nice to have a storage system and inventory also grid based with icons and names. I have looked everywhere for...
  20. Anyone have a Mega Character Generator Addon Pack?

    I'm new here. So I hope I'm putting this in right place. I've been looking for New Character Generator Files. Hopefully someone has found or compiled a massive collection they can share? I'm hoping for packs that include Face and Pixel Changes. Thank you :-D

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