1. a_a

    About to buy MV, what addons would you recommend buying if at all?

    Hello! Would any of you recommend buying any of the add ons sold on the official site, or are the community released ones just as good or better? I don't want to just use the default assets and make a basic boring game. Thanks!
  2. ninjax45

    How can I make a character speak the computer name?

    How can I make a character speak the name of the computer? I'm using RPGMAKER VX ACE
  3. Kenvarus

    Android and DragonBones

    Hey so pretty new to everything and I figured id mess with testing my project on my phone (it works perfectly on PC) and i wanted to see how it winds up working on android. so I followed this guide and when i ran the APK on my phone I get the message "Error Uncaught ReferenceError: dragonbones...
  4. Tribos

    2K and 2K3 DLC's (a.k.a. "Addons")

    Not sure this is the correct place to post but I have found a link to a supposed ADDON pack for 2K/2K3. The graphics are exceptional but I am concerned that they are RIPS. Lastly, to put this into perspective, in order to prevent legal issues with my game, I have purchased copies of all RM...
  5. waynee95

    waynee95's Plugin Collection [NEWEST: WAY_MenuBackgrounds]

    waynee95's Plugin Collection If you need more info on the plugins, please check out the help manual of each plugin. Make sure to save each plugin as a .js file! WAY_Core WAY Core is a Utility plugin for RPG Maker MV Plugin Developement. This plugin is required for all my plugins. Place above...
  6. RoxyStarlite

    Making a Npc sell plot addons

    I know the basics of making a shop and all but I wonder if their is a way to sell certain house add on or houses to the main character and how would you be able to implement it into a game If you use the shop implement then you can only sell items but would their Be a way to let say you buy the...
  7. KingKraken

    "Yanfly's Class Change Core" one directional class tree?

    Basically the problem I'm having, is that Yanfly's core on it's own, allows actors to change classes to whatever they want. But what I'd want it to do, is lock an actor into a path among that tree. No going backwards, only forward and branch hopping. Here's a quick diagram of what I'm looking...
  8. Corniflex

    Corniflex Pluggins - Yanfly Addons - Latest : Class Tree !

    Yanfly Engine Plugins Addons by Corniflex Introduction :These scripts are addons for Yanfly Engine Plugins (YEP). Install Instructions : Always place the addons under ALL the YEP scripts to avoid issues. Check the required scripts list for each addons. Also check the version for...
  9. SilverDash

    Silvers Skill Gems (Materia)

    NOTE: This plugin hasn't been updated for almost 4 years. Script: Silvers Skill Gems (Materia) v1.04 Author: SilverDash About I originally intended it to be like Path of Exile's skill-system. However, in the end I noticed that it also had nearly all the features (mostly more) that a materia...
  10. Or come to these addons?

    (Sorry for my english, I use Google translation.) Hello, I download a resource pack containing further held that: I had to remove it because I had problems and it took I delete the file RPG Maker Generator Mv. But I'm having more to find the link or was this pack. I know that I had taken on...
  11. whtdragon

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Christmas comes early this year and I've got one doozy of a present for everyone here. I noticed when looking at the default resources in MV that there was an unusually small amount of animals--a smaller amount then most of the other RPG makers, and that will simply not do. I took a look at...
  12. whtdragon

    Festivals and Celebrations!

    I promised I was gonna do something other then trees so here we go /o w o/~ Party stuff! I made a lot of little stuff but none of it was quite workable as a whole group upload, so what I've decided on doing instead was go for general festivals and celebrations. Since at the time of this post...
  13. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's this and thats

    ...Literally what it says in the title Terms: * Credit: necessary. Please credit me by full username (slimmmeiske2). * Repost: No * Edit: OK * Posting those edits: OK. Remember to credit. * Commercial usage: OK As per RPG Maker's EULA you can only use these in other RPG Makers as long as you...

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