adicionando créditos

  1. FodasticoMan

    add credits in title screen (Adicionando créditos na tela de Título)

    Good evening, Anyone who knows me knows that I've been breaking my head and trying to do that. Thanks to the code of Rexal that I studied  I went able to understand a little more and get complete my code. Free for commercial and noncommercial use Do not delete the names on special credits...

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I wonder if color LUTs is possible for RPG Maker. It would be game changer and can replace the not so good looking tint screen
new mechanic in battle where you can mentally erase enemies when you deplete all their MP instead HP. this gives you a special item of their "memory". it's pretty to do in battle so far.
Apparently MZ lets you preview move routes in the move route editor without having to start up test game. That could save a lot of time during development compared to MV, especially for a long game that uses a lot of event movement for cutscenes.
A repost of an old meme I had made, now with music

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