1. Red Metal

    Vlue's Advanced Time Help...

    Hello again. Yep, I have another issue that needs correcting; I recently had a go at installing Vlue's advanced time script, I managed to get my game to run in real time and have been messing around with lighting. I like the look of Victor Sant's shade script. Now... I'm trying to get...
  2. bbcnewsround

    Need help making two games that communicate with eachother through autosave

    Hi! I've not used this forum before so I apologise in advance if I've put this in the wrong section. I'm currently working on two games that will (using Jackkel's Persistent Switches plugin), listen for changes in each other's switches and variables and act accordingly. In the prototype I've...
  3. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Animated Character Selection

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. Hello All! RPG Maker already have a powerful command series Show Pictures to call. Some people are just too lazy to make use of its full potential. What I want to show you here is more than just a video tutorial. What is this about? Ever...
  4. BottleCapGames

    Evented Home-Cooking Skill

    Home Cooking Skill Tutorial: by BottleCapGames Today we will be making a Home-Cooking Skill inspired by Miitopia (a strange RPG) through common events. In the Home Cooking skill, the user will randomly cook a food item and have it added to their inventory depending on their level and RNG. It...
  5. Is there a plugin for a more advanced exp gain system?

    I am looking for a plugin where I can give each character exp determined by their actions. They gaint extra exp for using a skill, killing an enemy, successfully guard an attack and so on. If anyone know of a plugin like that, or even would go out of their way to make one, I would...
  6. nazgul

    Yami's Classical ATB, Charge Skill State

    Scripts I am asking for help with sorry there is a lot and they seem related to the issue. Yamis Classical ATB also his amazing battle engine symphony...
  7. SilverDash

    Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Advanced Minimap v. 1.41 Author: Squirting Elephant More Screenshots: Features: Instructions (more info can be found in the help section of the plugin): Script & Downloads: Download v1.41 Required Script (Core Script) Download Master Demo (HIGHLY recommended for new users!)...
  8. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV - Character Creation System [Intermediate]

    CHARACTER CREATION EVENT Ever wanted to start a game and let the player choose a character? Hair colour? Starting location? Maybe even assign their own unique character profiles by how they act throughout the game? This tutorial will explain all of the above! This was quite fun to event...
  9. dragonpc

    Crafting system

    First off I'd like to say that all of you who are doing scripting for those of us who cannot, Thank you. You guys(and gals) are truly appreciated. i am going to do my best to be as detailed as i can about what i am looking for. its not easy to think like a scripter when you aren't one. but i...
  10. AwesomeCool

    Guide on how to prevent a player from blocking npc paths

    This tutorial is made to help get rid of the problem of players being able to block paths of npcs (which causes npcs to just stand there). Note: This guide assumes you have some experience with VX Ace For this tutorial you will need two script snippets and one script...
  11. byronclaude

    Are we THIS lazy???

    Okay, this is slightly comical so hear me out...    (or, read me out??   whatever) Twenty or so years ago, it was slightly common to journey to a cybercafe, pay for a small amount of time on a computer (as well as like a snack, a pepsi, and whatever else we decided to settle down with) then log...
  12. Galenmereth

    Improved Parameters for your Methods

    One feature of Ruby that is often overlooked is the ability to use a Hash object as your method's parameter listing. This is a very useful feature that can make your code a lot easier to read, both for yourself and others. Consider the following initialize method on a fictional class: class...
  13. Wishdream

    Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.0 - Wish English Translation v1.2d

    Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.00 Wish English Translation Project + Improved Demo v1.1   Original Script and Author: Enu ( Translator: Wishdream ( Version: Script v1.00 / Translation v1.2d Type: Battle System / Battle Engine...
  14. Funplayer

    Unlock RGSS Window Resize - Pnp graphics add-on

    Introduction Ever been annoyed at that default window not being resizable?     Maybe you're more advanced, and just want the window bars to disappear, or you want to set the minimize button to be available?     How about that annoying bar at the top that just won't go away while tinkering...
  15. Advanced title screen [XP] (foreverzer0)

    So I started using ForeverZer0's advanced title screen that let's you customize your title screen a bit more. And it works alright but the menu options (ie "New Game", "Continue", etc), get hidden behind my image after it fades in, and then you can't see the menu options anymore, and I don't...
  16. Advanced Battle Hud Small problem...

    Hello,     i need small help to edit MOG Script Advanced Battle Hud, first of all, i managed to change the way of finding the animated face by doing this   def battler_sprite_setup       @battler_face = [0,0,0] #~       @battler_face_name = @name + "_Face"       @battler_face_name =...
  17. eliwolfe92

    Parallax Mapping Passage Settings

    Hey everyone. I really have searched around quite a bit now and really can't find a solid answer to my question... What is the Best // Most Efficient setup for long term parallax mapping passage settings? My issue rises from not knowing how to hide the arrows, ect. on the parallax tileset I...
  18. Zetu


    Features+ Core v1.02 (Required for all add-ons) Allows easy to add features to Data_Actor, Data_Class, and Data_State. New Features, efficient calculations. Bloodlust v1.01 Allows the user to absorb X% of damage on all attacks, or attack skill. Mana Shield v1.01 Allows a player to...
  19. Helladen

    Advanced Movement 1.3.0

    Introduction This adds more options to the base dash system provided by Enterbrain. You can obtain more information in the script itself, but it adds ways to alter dash speed and how it operates. I hope people can make some use out of it. :) Changelog 1.0.0: Release. 1.1.0: Added...
  20. LightofthedimVXA

    Advanced World Map Tileset


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