adventure game

  1. megumi014

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2 (10/06/2019)

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2. PEZ * The GUI elements and the Icons are from Александр Загорулько (I guess Aleksandr Zagorulʹko in latin alphabet). Requirements This Plugin was made with 1.5.2. version of RPG Maker MV. It might not work with 1.6.1. A new IconSet to...
  2. waterrune

    RMMV Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician

    Section A : Synopsis You are a magician who is engrossed with Food Magic ! One day, you stumble upon a magic kingdom that beseeches your help to defeat the Evil One. If you love food, health and nutrition, why not answer the Hero's calling and save the kingdom? Defeat monsters by answering...
  3. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV A Monster's Heart

  4. Tuomo L

    The Legend of Protey

    The Legend of Protey Game will cost 0,99$ when it'll be released. Abstract The Legend of Protey is a puzzle focused adventure game developed by Dustin Chalker and published by Tuomo's Games. About the Game Step into the gooey metaphorical shoes of the least likely hero in gaming...
  5. CaptainRadish

    RMVXA Dungeon Quest synopsis

    Dungeon Quest (working title) Synopsis The Story: The world of Perth is shrouded in darkness. Evil magic poisons the land in the form of bloodthirsty monsters. Demons walk the land in some places, sometimes seeking to bargain with mortals, sometimes to just take souls by force. Evil dragons...
  6. coreexperience

    RMMV RPG Dark And White (has been On Google Play)

    DarkAndWhite] is a game about a young man who wanted to avenge own blood to satan because her grandmother had been killed by soldiers of satan DarkAndWhite is EXTREME battle with Devil is an AWESOME RPG game, where you are a Hero who Beat other Devil in a Battle to the death. Show yourself to...
  7. Macbeth

    RMMV The Last Summer

    DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Gamejolt - ~~ THE STORY ~~ Year 199X: Timothy is a young 10-years old boy very passionate about videogames and living his last days of childhood. The last two days of...
  8. greensdream


    *THE DEMO HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN. 1/22/21* Welcome to XANADU ISLAND, ISLE OF NIGHTMARES! No one is sure how they’ve found themselves here, but a rather UNFORTUNATE consequence of being transported to XANADU ISLAND is being TRANSFORMED into a HIDEOUS MONSTROSITY which represents your CORE...
  9. Forthright

    Orphan's Treasure Steam Launch Sept 9th

    Hello RPG Maker community. Forthright Casual Games team launched their first episode in the Orphan Series, Orphan's Treasure. The game is really a story-driven narrative with very little combat. We would love your feedback and support on the title. We hope you all enjoy the game! ABOUT THE...
  10. Macbeth

    The Last Summer

    Update 08/07/2017 DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Gamejolt - ~~ THE STORY ~~ Year 199X: Timothy is a young 10-years old boy very passionate about videogames and living his last days of childhood...
  11. Luiishu535

    RMVXA Wrath of the Tea Kitten

    Wrath of the Tea Kitten Wrath of the Tea Kitten is a Lynchian (sort of) Adventure game about forbidden love, tea kittens and mystery men. The Cast Libby: A young and goofy woman who currently lives at Hotel Grubba on the 8th floor. She's in love with a man from her dreams who's known as...
  12. SunMelt

    RMVXA Ride The Space Train (Demo)

    Welcome to the space train - a giant travelling station created for those who lost their home planet. A space-roaming sanctuary where every species can find their place to stay. And that includes you - a humble gray creature who spent their whole relatively short life sorting the garbage in some...
  13. VisitorsFromDreams


    Flatwoods is a small adventure game built in RPG Maker MV with a Game Boy Color inspired color palette, a heavy emphasis on hand drawn animated cutscenes, and with two endings. You are Lemon, a small child that feels a great need to uncover the mystery of the "shooting star" that has just flown...
  14. VisitorsFromDreams

    Flatwoods: A Small Cryptid Adventure (Complete!)

    Flatwoods is a small adventure game built in the RPG Maker MV engine. You are Lemon, a small child that feels a great need to uncover the mystery of a "shooting star" that has just flown over your home and landed somewhere in the woods nearby. Loosely based on the story of The Flatwoods Monster...
  15. Nirwanda

    [Complete]Sasha and Sir Plutarch's fabulous Rmventure!

    Since my original birthday bash project got too large, I asked for it to be moved to the development thread. But that doesn't mean I've given up on the event. In the last three days I'll be making a small adventure game. Sasha and Sir Plutarch's fabulous Rmventure! tells the story of a girl...
  16. J_C

    RMVXA A Long Road Home - ON STEAM NOW!

    19th November, 2016 - STEAM GREENLIGHT CAMPAIGN HAS LAUNCHED! After more than a year, the game has finally reached its beta state, so the time has come to launch our Steam Greenlight Campaign. You can find all the details here...

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