1. UndeadProductions

    RMMV (ALPHA)The Infernal Exile

    About the game Kletus is the main character of this story (and the only playable one), surrounded by enemies who seek to stop him on his way out of the underworld. You may be wondering, who is Kletus? Kletus is a wandering specter who seeks to learn the mission for which he remained in the...
  2. Hwantaw

    RMMV Final Profit: A Shop RPG (Demo Available)

    Final Profit is a merchant sim parody of capitalism. Run your shop and explore a story filled world as you try to earn enough coin to take down the corrupt Bureau of Business. Try the demo on Steam! Watch the trailer! Join the Discord for daily development updates. Follow on Twitter Website...
  3. DestroyDX

    RMMV NEXUS The way home

    Nexus: a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. Shortly after waking up in a mysterious forest with no idea how they got there Caelim and his dog Concrete are encountered by Rei a mysterious woman who takes care of them and teaches them how to defend themselves. After...
  4. CrimsonBloodGames

    RMMV Stirna (My first short game)

    This is my first rerlese. It is a short fantasy game I made in about a week, as I was taking a breather from a bigger project. Except fore the gore, I don't think this game has any restrictions. I'm a little woried about the encounters, I don't think they are they are as balansed as they should...
  5. theunderscoregreg

    RMMZ Vamps for the Memories

    ABOUT VAMPS An undead lord is terrorizing the countryside and every hunter in the realm is clamoring to be the first to stake'm! Play as two hunters who band together in their quest to defeat the new evil first! Explore creaky basements, magic temples, castles, and public parks! This is a cozy...
  6. NeroZero

    RMVXA Qeaclebis: The Two Stars Demo Released!

    QEACLEBIS: THE TWO STARS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING DOWNLOAD LINK OTHER NOTE Hiya, I'm Zero, and this is my first time making an actual game. I had a bit of experience practicing RPG Maker Games for the past month and along with the help of my friends, I'm actually...
  7. thepsyche

    RMMV Eternal Remnant: The First Chapter - An emotional RPG journey | Demo available now!

    Get the demo and wishlist now on Steam! Synopsis: Follow the unforgettable tale of Vera and her little brother Arin, in an emotional RPG journey that will see them fight for their lives to reach the city of Sunspire – their only hope of salvation as they are hunted down for an...
  8. OMGBlackBeard

    RMMV Steal My Heart - Play Online

    Just two days before the Valentine's day, there has been a gruesome murder in the town square. The detective got a note near the dead body. It is a horrific poem. "You are the heart that I am missing! ... You are the part that I am missing! ..." Is it a deranged lover or a psychopath? In the...
  9. Wrathspawn

    RMMV Aeterna's Journey Part 1 (RPG)

    Aeterna's Journey has evolved past the demo version from some time back and I'm finally finished with part 1 of Aeterna's Journey and much have been upgraded including the world map I made my own version of, custom hud in battles, running animations( you can dash almost everywhere now) moving...
  10. Woland

    RMMV Entitled

    SYNOPSIS Have you ever wondered why in every game you are a rich hero that gets the girl and in real life... it at least ain't that easy? Entitled is an exploration of cinematic narrative vs. narrative driven by gameplay, not dialogue choices. It’s a study of a player's pleas for agency vs...
  11. Ericfrancisrock

    RMMZ Where's My Horse? An Escape Room Adventure (Available on Steam)

    Version 1.0 Available on Steam as of 1/14/2022 SUMMARY: Experience an at-home Escape Room adventure! Where's My Horse is an Escape-the-room style game that places you in a locked room filled with puzzles to solve, secrets to find, and combination locks to open. While traditional Escape Rooms...
  12. thenerdmansion

    RMMV Meganoble 3 (35minute Platformer)

  13. Godarkhaos

    RMMV DIVINE LEGACY - Story Rich Action-RPG

  14. Wildschwein

    RMMZ The singing Sword

    CHILD WARNING: This game contains strong language, blood, mention of drugs and political themes, so it might not be suitable for children. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK
  15. NowhereGaming

    RMMV ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire

  16. greenrivers

    RMMZ Abattoir (Working title)

    Dropping my current progress on this game here. Obviously all of this is liable to change as I go - expect to see a lot of unfinished assets and RTP placeholders ໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७✎▤
  17. Raypixel

    RMVXA Runia Story (full game)

    Note that this is version 1.0, if I need to update the game or patch out any errors to fix that someone pointed out then I will make edit this thread with a version 1.5, 2.0 and so on if I need to. Synopsis: Screenshots: Characters and Game Mechanics: Download Link:
  18. Merryjest

    RMMZ Bossfight: Song Of Sparklemuffin

    Bossfight: Song of Sparklemuffin, a comedy-driven, turn-based JRPG-style PC game with inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy III, and old-school adventure games like the Monkey Island and Quest For Glory series. Players control parties of four characters from a roster of ten...
  19. Dragon Emperors

    RMMV The Three Mazeketeers

    About A girl was summoned by a certain kingdom from a magical place to help the kingdom with a daunting task. But the summoner accidentally summoned three versions of the girl from different timelines to one body! Would they be able to finish the task? Help these girls to finish the task by...
  20. Luminous

    RMMZ Fragmented Memories [Mystery - Survival - Horror Game] [Demo Available Soon!]

    FRAGMENTED MEMORIES Please Follow & Add our game to your Wishlist! And wish us luck! We will keep you posted with the development update on this steam page! Demo for testing, gain feedback or live streaming will be available soon! Thank you for visiting ^^

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