advice needed

  1. Issue with timer.

    Hello I'm having a rather complicated issue with the control timer. I have an event that starts with some talking which then leads to a boss battle, however after the battle I have a scene where you are told you have to make it to the other end of the bridge in 2 mins otherwise it's a game over...
  2. Necromortis

    Hello to everyone~

    Hello, dearest friends. I’m Mort(or necromortis) I guess it isn't the first thread with such "genius" question, but anyway. I really want to be a part of community. I want to make games using RMMV(or RMVX), but.. I simply don't know what to do first. (Except for the plot and character...
  3. Darniela

    RMMV Mini-games for my BA thesis?

    Hello there, I've always wanted to make an RPG game, so I got this "brilliant idea" to combine my passion for gaming with my BA thesis in linguistics (I am particularly interested in language acquisition). For my BA thesis I would like to make a fairly simple and short game that exploits the...
  4. How do you start a game?

    What i mean by the title is this: When you begin a game, after you're certain of the basic themes and the gist of the plot of the game, do you begin immediately implementing the game mechanics such as the battle and/or crafting systems? Do you make all of your maps first before adding events and...
  5. Hopeless Dreamer

    Could anyone give me advice about someone posting my game?

    Hi Everyone, Basically I've been posting and updating my game Titans of Illumia since around November here on the forums and I still have access to everything but another site who I've given no permission to has posted my game to their site with a bunch of ads and redirects. I...
  6. MobileSuitSonic

    A cactus forest?

    I have an idea involving a castle in a desert surrounded by a forest of cacti. The idea is that a century ago, it was magically seeded in response to a prediction. Many people tried to navigate that labyrinth over the decades, but if they didn't get sliced up by the thorns in tandem with...
  7. dreamfall887

    Feeling Frustrated - Need Some Advice

    I bought RPG Maker two years ago (I think...) and I STILL haven't finished a project. I've made a couple of practice projects (testing scripts, gameplay ideas etc) but not a full game. I also have a problem when I will start a new project, make a couple maps, cutscenes, battles blah blah then...
  8. 02Aya

    Allowing player to skip cut scenes?

    I'm making animated cut scenes for my game. I want to incorporate a way for players to skip them, to add better replay value, is it possible to do that? If so, could someone show me how? Or would doing that just make the game crash? ^^;;
  9. Looking for character design assistance.

    I am absolutely terrible drawing anything that has a body and was wondering if anyone could point me to some resources, guides, references, anything really that could help me with creating non-chibi characters that fit within the 48x48 of RPG Maker MV's system. I really like the character...

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