1. Zuque

    {Solved} Need help, artist that made this

    Hello everyone, I am looking for the name of the artist that created these tiles especially the urinal. I would like to use it for my game but I want to make sure I can. Thank you in advance.
  2. dreamfall887

    Self Care Tips :D

    I thought it would be nice for everyone share some advice for anyone who stressed or anxious. I made a thread called Not Giving Up and I would recommend giving it a read :) https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/not-giving-up.125855/#post-1108085 I put some links to videos or...
  3. Advice Needed Concerning Chests

    I would like some advice on how to go about making a chest with treasure that cannot be opened from certain directions because it is up on a cliff. I have highlighted the spot I'd like to put the chest:
  4. Help Please: Trying to Design a Dance Mechanic

    Hi there, I've been dabbling with RM for a long time, but never really sat down with it until just recently when I decided to begin designing a project that took place in a universe I've been building for a time through several mediums (board games, stories, art, etc.). While designing some of...
  5. Large map advice/tips

    Hey people, so basically I'm starting a my first large scale project in mv. I'm looking to make a large map that's broken into 9/10 big areas, that will have quest item to find, puzzles to that progress the main story, upgrade items, etc. Where is a good place to start? I've done some drawings...
  6. Ytragof

    Hi! I'm trying to optimice my workflow and wanted some tips!

    Hey! Me again with yet an other thread for newbie help (Me being the newbie) So, I'm still working on the demo I told you guys about a time ago, but now I've come to a complicated scenario: I want for X event to Trigger after getting Y item. The specific example: You find a Music Box Handle...
  7. SCG4473

    How do you guys come up with fantasy names?

    Hey guys, hope you're all having a wonderful day! Anyways, I'm making a game with a medieval-fantasy theme and I'm having lots of trouble coming up with fantasy-sounding names for things like mythical creatures, places, people, factions and the like. I've tried looking everywhere online but...
  8. Using eventing to make combinations?

    So, I'm trying to make a little mini-game about making coffee where you pick the size, the type of coffee, and the type of cream. There are 3 types of each of these choices and a total of 27 combinations. How could I make that work through only eventing? I was trying to do it by making every...
  9. Vaschak

    Scared of copyright

    Hey fellas, I've been working on a game for me and a group of mutuals on discord, the game is centered about me and those guys and i had a lot of fun working on it, but as i was working on it i realized that what i been doing could get me in trouble, you see the pictures i used for characters...
  10. VitaliaDi

    How to Build a Better Puzzle

    For my first game I tried to incorporate a lot of mild game type "puzzles" like Hide and Seek, search for the items, input the code you found earlier. But after getting some feedback I'm noticing that the puzzles I made are more of a test your luck or trial and error type "puzzle" and I feel...
  11. Questions before I might commit to using RPG Maker MV

    Hi. I hope you are doing fine. I hope that you are able to properly advise me. I had a plan for a game and was already busy with it. Because of circumstances I had to set it aside for a while. Now I am doing research on how to best proceed, when the time is right to actually go at it once more...
  12. Silversmith

    Best Way To Post Music Here

    So I've been thinking about biting the bullet and putting up some of my musical compositions in the resources forum. What do you figure the best way of presenting them is? I could use SoundCloud, or I could make them into YouTube videos and let people listen that way. So what do you guys...
  13. Kakis

    RMVXA Text sound help

    So I wanted to add a text sound when messages appear, similar to undertale but I'm struggling to change pitches for characters. I've been trying with the script mentioned here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/mss-text-se.3463/ but I just don't understand how to use...
  14. Maowcraft

    Recommended scripts for a Stealth game?

    I'm making a stealthy heist game, like PAYDAY 2, in RPG Maker VX Ace. What are some good, easy to use scripts for a game like this?
  15. Unable to Install RTP Due to Admin Rights

    Hello, I bought this program (RPMVXA) on Steam and when I try to open it asked me to install the RTP. When I went to Install it I was unable to because I do not have Admin Rights on my PC. Is there any way I can get around this with a pre-installed RTP folder? I really want to use this platform...
  16. Alanood

    What do you think about forked games?

    My game will require more than one playthrough to understand the story 100%. Do you think it will be a major put-off for players? I would like to hear your opinions.
  17. jjbob1234

    Commissioning advice

    I've been looking for places online to make a bit of money for bills and stuff, i think it would be interesting to help people with some rpgmaker projects but i'm not sure where to start really, My question basically is; Is there a market for paid RPGMaker work, individual assets or full...
  18. HSjostrom

    Make sure an enemy kills a certain character?

    Sorry in advance if this thread is in the wrong place. I'm new to this forum, and I wasn't entirely sure where to post this. Anyway, I'm currently making my first game in RPG Maker MV, and I need to do something in the first battle of the game that I have no idea how to do. Here's the deal...
  19. Possible in RPG Maker?

    Hey, I am searching for some software that makes creating Text based games easier for me. I started this Project out using C# and WPF, this however turned into a Nightmare since its super easy to achieve first goals but gets ridiculously complicated to do even the simplest things (like saving...
  20. MobileSuitSonic

    Mapping Advice

    In trying to figure out how to proceed through my project, I was wondering how I could go about a portion that takes you though a mountainous region. Not necessarily under a mountain range (an earlier portion already does that), I want to do something that's above ground. Any ideas?

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