1. NPC wont stop moving after event route finished.

    Hello everyone I am currently having a problem with my NPC that I would like to move to a certain place then stop and not move again. How can I do this? Thanks!
  2. Heal after battle

    Hi, is there someone with knowledge and time to create plugin which will heal party members after battle by x% of their maximum health and/or by x% of their maximum MP? Thanx ;)
  3. MeowFace

    After Load Event

    Presenting 2 scripts here: [1] Is from a request here, allowing developers to control how event continue to run after save/load using a conditional branch & switch. [2] Is a way to abort any running events as soon as the game loaded from a request here. (It's originally meant for a hot fix as...
  4. Set Move Route -HELP-

    Hey, I've recently started a new game using RMXP. I have an NPC talking to some characters, then have him walking out of the area. But when I tell it to make him move, after his speech, the NPC vanishes and nothing happens. Could someone please help? PIC OF MY EVENT PAGE: Any help would be...
  5. icerose05

    After Effects of Button Mashing

    I have a button mashing event where you have to press the Z button to get a monster off you. The event works fine until it is done and the player goes out of the room, but when they enter the room again, the monster and the health bar are still there, and the fight music is still playing. I...
  6. musicalgenocide

    Player can't move after conditional branch resolves

    This seems conceptually pretty simple, but for some reason it's just not working for me. The idea is that the player would be walking around on a skill tree that's actually just a map with events. The map contains several small islands, and each island would have a few different paths leading in...
  7. ObtrusiveWhale

    [VX Ace] Actors Keep TP Gained After Battles

    Is there a simple/easy way I can have my party keep the TP gained during battle once the battle is over? This would be very helpful. Thanks!

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