ai control

  1. Mooshry

    Yanfly Actor Battle AI Tactics?

    So uim using the battle AI plugin from Yanfly, and i wanna use it to make the tactics system from DQ. Basically, i need a new menu button that opens a screen that lets you choose from a list of AI tactics, and when one is selected, it changes the actor's AI and makes them auto-battle...
  2. marbeltoast

    How do I design a smart "healer" enemy? <Resolved>

    Howdy all! Got a conundrum for you: I'm stuck with figuring out how to make an enemy that heals its allies when they have low health. Healing itself when at low health? No trouble; use a self heal at priority 9 when hp is below a certain threshold. Healing a specific, boss type ally when it's...
  3. BlackJoe2

    Yanfly Battle AI Question

    Is there a way to make it so if an enemy has a state already applied to them, they will do a specific other action? Or at least not cast the skill that applies that state to them again? From what I can tell the only checks you can do are if the target passes some check, apply some skill to that...
  4. Alistor53259

    RPG Maker VX Ace: Controlling BOTH SIDES of the Battle

    I desire to duke out an RPG battle between a friend and I with each of us having our own characters/party. Sadly, the enemy side is AL-controlled. IS THERE A WAY TO CONTROL BOTH SIDES OF THE BATTLE for an effective versus match? Thanks for any help.

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