1. RMMV yanfly ai core priority help, regarding enemy select skill

    about yanfly AI core I set priority for the enemy, condition state 51 on actor. how to make the skill select random? I want the enemy to only use what is in the box without using action patterns when actor is state 51. set ai core lv 100. the enemy continuously picks skill 131, no 132 till...
  2. BlackJoe2

    Yanfly Battle AI Question

    Is there a way to make it so if an enemy has a state already applied to them, they will do a specific other action? Or at least not cast the skill that applies that state to them again? From what I can tell the only checks you can do are if the target passes some check, apply some skill to that...
  3. Mutli-evaluations with Yanfly's AI Core

    Yet another question from me! I'm on a roll. Or perhaps I'm just dense... In any case, I discovered through searches that it's apparently impossible to use eval in Yanfly's AI Core to evaluate state !== plus another condition, due to the way state !== works. I was hoping someone might help me...
  4. Yanfly AI Core and ATB system

    I'm using Yanfly's Battle A.I. Core in my project, which also uses Battle System - ATB (and the visual enemy gauges add-on). Interrupting attacks and using Guard well is a big thing in my current project, so I'd like some enemies to factor in the target's current ATB Speed or Charge and react...

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