1. Luth

    Using AI generated images to get inspiration

    Hello everyone. We all heard of those AI generating stuff from words. But what about rendering backgrounds, icons or sprites from it, as a base for you to improve ? Is it even plagiarism ? The possibilities are endless : (those are images I generated with the Midjourney AI ; all credits go to...
  2. RMMZ Behaviour tree plugins for MZ

    are there plugins for designing behaviour tree or is it sufficient enough to only use script in the game ? I want NPC/ Enemies in the game has many different reaction when player approaching those enemies in map or reacting on different environment such as (changing the picture, blend, move...
  3. Ina00

    Make a skill usable only if the target is has no buff/debuff on a certain stat

    The Rpg maker vx ace AI makes enemies that have buff/debuff skills use them randomly, and this makes the battle awkward because they keep just wasting turns buffing themselves when they already are. Same thing with the debuff skill (towards the actors). I'd like to have a check condition that...
  4. theartofme

    Yet Another Battle AI Script (MZ and MV)

    LWP_AiAdjustments 1.0 Logan Pickup Introduction Allows adjusting when enemies use skills, and who they use them on. It doesn't add any additional steps to the enemy AI; it just allows better control over the "rating" in enemy action patterns, and over the "tgr" special parameter, allowing them...
  5. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Yanfly Battle AI Core - Help with a Few Checks

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me out with setting up a few conditions using Yanfly's Battle AI Core plugin? The conditions that I am looking to check are: 1. If variable A is equal or greater to variable B 2. Check if target has a certain buff/debuff 3. Check is the target has a skill...
  6. DoubleX RMMZ Targeting AI

    Purpose Lets you control some skills/items target selection AI behaviors by notetags Introduction * 1. The default RMMZ only lets you control the targeting AI by tgr, which * is probabilistic rather than deterministic * 2. This plugin lets you use some notetags on actors, classes...
  7. Help with Pathfinding

    Hey everyone, I'm having a heck of a time with the AI of my enemies. I have a simple ARPG format, and I want the enemies to follow the player to attack. This works mediocre at best with "move towards player" from movement route. I have the smartPath plugin AND Galvs Event Detectors, they both us...
  8. NPC walk in front of player (Human Shield)

    Hello guys, so I tried to do this already without success, and I think I'll need to use Script... I want to make an NPC, of my choosing(on event triggerd), to follow me, and stay always in front of me(player). So to speak, to use it as a human shield. I can make an NPC follow me, using Move...
  9. Dicleon

    Yanfly AI core + Action times [RESOLVED]

    Hello all! Lately I found myself in a bind, it can be really messy and complicated to make your improved AI ennemies attack multiple time per turn right? Well I found a pretty slick solution and wanted to share it! So for this solution you will need : Yanfly Instant Cast Yanfly Passive...
  10. Yanfly's Battle A.I. Bug

    Hi there, I've used Yanfly's Battle A.I. plugin before with success. I am encountering something strange. I want the enemy to use SKILL 66 in one instance, but use SKILL 25 in all other instances, with varying targets. SKILL 66 targets all enemies. Sometimes it works, but other times, when I...
  11. Astfgl66

    Actor AI

    Astfgl's Programmable Actor AI Hi everyone! This plugin is an addon to Yanfly's Battle AI Core. I've always found the autobattle AI to be really bad. So first I created a way to extend yanfly's battle AI core to actors, then took things further and made a custom scene to allow the player to...
  12. Fornoreason1000

    Monster Arena Plugin for MV

    I couldn't find any Monster arena like plugins for MV , the closest i found was for VXace and i couldn't even find a release for it. So i have Decided to develop one for the hell of it. I'll aim to have this thing adaptable as possible, thus may or may not be for intermediate to advanced users...
  13. AdamSakuru

    Multiple evaluation checks? (Yanfly Battle A.I Core)

    http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/19/yep-16-battle-a-i-core/ Is it possible to have multiple evaluations for a skill condition? And if so what's the correct way to do it? <AI Priority> Eval (State !== State 12) && (State !== State 13): 14, Highest ATK Eval ((user.hp <= user.mhp * 1) && (State !==...
  14. alcreator440

    Simple Actor Auto Battle A.I. Script

    I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble for someone to create a script that allows you to edit the Actor's auto battle A.I. I've tried this script but it's not quite working for me now and the programmer can't get to it soon(if they can fix it). Ace had a ton of these scripts but I'm...
  15. Milennin

    How to make enemy do this?

    I have an enemy that needs to do 2 actions per turn. I achieve this by giving him Action Times +100%. The first action needs to be always the same skill. Just put it high on the priority list and it'll work. However, the second action must be a different skill than the one used first. This...
  16. VHStapes

    Ways to Improve the AI

    I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for making the ai better? Maybe a better way to ask the question is, what are methods you've used to make the ai act the way you want it to?
  17. chungsie

    AI Diplomacy and NPC AI

    this can be closed, shaz solved the issue.
  18. TheTitan99

    Change Action Rating Variance

    Change Action Rating Variance 1.0 by TheTitan99 IntroductionChange the default Action Rating variance for enemies to anywhere from 1 (meaning no randomness) to 9 (any move on any turn.)Explanation By default, when an enemy is selecting a move, they check what the Action Rating for...
  19. TheTitan99

    Plugin Request: Better Enemy AI Targetting

    (I'm going to explain in as much detail what I am requesting in this post. I'm not trying to be rude or demanding, just, as someone who's taken requests before, I myself much prefer having TONS of details, rather than vagueness, so that's what I'm gonna write here.) I am requesting a plugin...
  20. DreamX

    Battle AI Core Extension

    By DreamX Description This is an extension for Battle A.I. Core by Yanfly. At the present, it allows for custom target conditions when use eval. For example, you can require that target must be of a certain class, have a certain weapon, have a certain id or anything else. As long as you...

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