1. Arctorius

    How to make conditional status effects/ailments

    Thanks for checking this thread! Like the title says, Is there a way to add conditions to the status effects a character or enemy can acquire? What I'm trying to make is, for example, you have a skill that applies "Poisoned", but if the target already has the "Poisoned" state it instead applies...
  2. void_of_the_mind

    Unique Ailment

    I am attempting to create an enemy-only ailment that causes the afflicted to suffer 25% of all the damage dealt to the caster. Essentially I want it to have the effect that while damaging this foe you will also harm the afflicted teammates. I can't seem to figure out how to go about with this...
  3. Luozcurator

    How to combine states or ailments?

    I seek help and guidance adding combined states to my game! I wanted to do something different with my ailments system, a thing of those somes is the capability to combine ailments. For example, you have the states Asleep (Can't act, takes extra damage but recovers HP) and Afraid (may act and...
  4. "Down" Status/Ailment and "All-Out Attack"

    // Ok I'm probably writing this in the wrong section so anyone can send me to the right address if I'm mistaken. This is sure familiar to everyone who played Persona 3 or 4: You hit a enemy with the element it is weak against and it goes "down" status. This status dures just one turn, but if...
  5. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Need help with Confusion Walk script

    Greetings people, I'm looking for a script that makes you walk in random directions when the party leader is under the Confusion state. I've attached a script that does just that in RPG Maker VX if it can help (but I need something similar to work with ACE). (also found here...

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