1. bbaallppeenn1

    RMMV Alamat

    Alamat is an Adventure/RPG game currently in development using RPG Maker MV engine. Set in Fictional Version of Philippines showcasing Philippines' Myths and Myth Creatures such as Bakunawa, Dogong, Sarimanok, Lam-ang, etc. Join Dula and his friends as they set on an adventure to reverse their...
  2. Vis_Mage

    Falcao MMO Alchemy - Corss Map Ingredient Respawn

    Hello! By any chance, could someone help me resolve a long standing issue I've ran into regarding Flacao's MMO Alchemy script? https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/13820-falcao-mmorpg-alchemy-and-extraction-system/#comment-94754 The problem I've ran into isn't to do with the actual alchemy...
  3. Brellelasouls

    Alchemy Table

    I was in need of an alchemy table for my game and after making it thought others might be in the same situation but lack the software to go ahead and make their own. This isn't much, just in-game resources edited together to look like an alchemy table so credit is not needed and feel free to do...
  4. AxelNinjaGamer

    RMMV Pirates

    Welcome to those who are new and welcome back to those who have seen my last thread. Lots of changes have been made in the past two months, so I figured a new and more organized page would be the best bet. Credits on demo title screen Also any feedback is appreciated, enjoy. STORY IN A NUTSHELL...
  5. Orpheus

    Alchemy: In and Outside of Combat

    Recently, having been inspired by a number of things, I decided my new project would be focused primarily on alchemy. While this works on an aesthetic and story level, I'm having trouble making it work outside of those two things. Most games that include alchemy often use it as part of their...
  6. hiddenone

    Eventing a Place-able Crafting System

    Evented Crafting System aka: putting items on a table before cooking This tutorial is for those people like me who want a crafting system that's more hands-on than many of the crafting plugins. While the plugins are great, they don't give complete control of what ingredient combinations are...
  7. Final_zero

    Riku's overdrive.

    So in my game I have a scientist and I want her to have the mix skill. So that I can use elements mix them together and volla a powerfull elemental attack. Does anyone know of anyway to acomplish this, One way I have seen this done is riku's overdrive from final fantasy X. You open the...
  8. Mr. Trivel


    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Crafting Created: 2016-03-27 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Allows players to craft items.   Video:   How to use? First, you'll need 2 new files in data folder: Recipes.json Disciplines.json Recipes file will...
  9. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV - Kindle the Flame

    Hey all thanks for watching! Today we have a basic RPG Maker MV tutorial on a "survival / cooking / alchemy" based system, named "Kindle the Flame". As always, full demo provided and I hope my tutorial helps! All the best! KINDLE THE FLAME DOWNLOAD...
  10. Vis_Mage

    Skyrym Alchemy Minor Comparability Help

    Howdy! I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a bit of basic compatibility issues I'm running into with the Skyrim Alchemy Script V 1.03 (Script below), specificly with the script Vlue Weapon/Armor Randomization ( http://forums.rpgmak...-randomization/ ). The error I get is...
  11. Miss Nile

    [VXAce][Mapping in Return] Alchemy and Timed Buttons Minigame

    Hello everyone, So my most recent project greatly focuses on alchemy and crafting potions, medicines and the like. While there are a lot of alchemy systems out there, both scripted and evented, none of them really seemed interesting to me. ^^; Most just depended on collecting ingredients...
  12. Silenity

    Main actors are all crafters?

    So I had an idea about having 4 main actors who each had their own crafting system. Actor 1 (Smith) - Main tank line. Forges and repairs the parties equipment. Actor 2 (Cook) - Dedicated support. Mixes food ingredients into different goods that are both beneficial and delicious! Actor 3...
  13. Quailar

    Basic Evented Alchemy Gathering using tile swaps

    Basic Evented Alchemy Gathering I was searching for a way to create a harvest/gather system for alchemy or cooking.  I wanted a system that didnt use events to create items for harvest. By using Terrain tags and tile layer Ids, you can place as many harvesting items you want n a map without...
  14. Teneven

    How to check if player has 3 of a certain item then remove them and replace with another?

    I want to make a fairly simple alchemy table. Currently, I have a Show Choices (Small Health potion) then it checks if there's a Green Goo one in the inventory. I need it to check if there are three. Any ideas?
  15. Fullmetal Alchemist Sprite

    Hello, everyone! I'm making a game with an Alchemy section, and I'd like for the "Alchemist" to be a character from Fullmetal Alchemist. All that I'm requesting is a character and face that depict any alchemist from Fullmetal Alchemist (but not FMA Brotherhood. I haven't made it into that yet)...
  16. Jeneeus Guruman

    Jeneeus's Alchemy System

    Jeneeus's Alchemy System Version: 1.0.1 By Jeneeus Guruman   Introduction      This script allows to create items, weapons, and armors via using skills or items with a success rate based on the user's parameters, $game_variables, etc. It's very useful not just for alchemist characters, but also...
  17. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Phantasma Magica - Flamel

    Overview Phantasma Magica: Flamel is a short adventure game that revolves around a girl that is fascinated by the stories about Nicholas Flamel. Because of this fascination, the girl then becomes drawn into an adventure to finding out the truth behind one of history’s most (if not the most)...
  18. Fernyfer775

    Falcao's MMORPG Alchemy trouble

    I ran into an issue where if the player isn't high enough level to learn the recipe, the recipe item is still consumed. Does anybody know if there is a way to fix this? The link to the script download site is in the 1st spoiler, and the 2nd spoiler contains the script itself. ">
  19. ObtrusiveWhale

    [VX Ace] Scripting Help With Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~ and Input Combo Skills Yanfly

    Hello! I am currently working on an extensive RPG project and am using many scripts all together, so of course I am having some compatibility issues. The two I need help with currently are the Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~ and Yanfly's Input Combo Skills. Also it is important to note that...

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