1. RMMV Function aliasing results in indefinite loading screen. Why?

    I once again come to you with what is probably a pretty obvious mistake, but I can't figure it out. So when I start my game normally (new game) everything works just fine. What I want to do is modify: Scene_Map.prototype.isReady So I add the following code...
  2. Aliasing Functions that Return (RMMV)

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a script and I'm a bit stuck when it comes to aliasing. If I wanted to alias a function that already has a return command, how would I go about doing so? Unless I'm misunderstanding something (likely) calling the aliased function inside the new function definition...
  3. Lain

    Aliasing issue

    Hi again, I want to Alias "Game_CharacterBase.prototype.canPass", but doing so prevents the player from moving at all. Original code: Game_CharacterBase.prototype.canPass = function(x, y, d) { var x2 = $gameMap.roundXWithDirection(x, d); var y2 = $gameMap.roundYWithDirection(y, d)...
  4. ArkDG

    Help with a Window "Z position" Issue

    Well, I'm trying to make an addon for a plugin of mine. The addon is complete and works fine, the unique problem that I'm having now is that this addon adds a new window in the save menu and that this is appearing above windows that should be above it. I'm using aliases to make this change, as...
  5. Milena

    Share the way you Alias functions

    I know that there are other ways of aliasing, but not to the point I understand why. By far, I only know two: This way: var Milena = Milena || {}; Milena.params = PluginManager.parameters('DiarySystem'); Milena.DiaryStstem = { someAliasStyle: { Game_Screen: {...
  6. Milena

    Can we alias something non existent in the subclass?

    I noticed that some subclasses do not have functions that were inherited from the parent class. Scene_Menu for example, does not have an update, but Scene_MenuBase does. Can I create something like: var alias_scene_menu_update = Scene_Menu.prototype.update;Scene_Menu.prototype.update =...
  7. Help with aliasing please?

    Could someone provide me with a UML diagram for each class in VX ACE default scripts and which superclasses they connect to please? I'm finding the organization of it a bit hard to read.

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