1. l8rose

    VNMaker Verloren: Starcrossed

    In Space, no one can hear you cry... or something like that. You've been chosen as a replacement Mechanic for the Orion. A starship engaging in a diplomatic mission to the Akeh Space Station in the Canis Major System. All was going well, you entered cryo sleep in a backup cryo chamber and...
  2. Hyptosis

    RMMV The Prince of Landis (Blood Warning)

    A small-town boy learns from a nihilistic alien how to stand up for himself. -- Story 199X. In the town of Landis, Oregon, a young boy's meager life is forever changed by the dark influences of a strange visitor. Can Evan stand up against schoolyard bullies? Will he have the courage to take on...
  3. Black Pagan

    Need ideas for Futuristic Classes

    The Game's setting takes place in the Future, When Humans have colonized other Planets and have reached the few Nearest Stars. A Spaceship accidentally crash lands on a mysterious Alien Planet with you (The Player). Your job is to head out, Fix the Spaceship by finding materials from the Alien...
  4. Psychronic

    Galacti-Chron's Alien Worlds Tileset Pack

    This package contains a tileset for building various alien worlds. This tileset will allow you to build different types of alien or strange worlds. <---SNIP---> TERMS OF USE: Use for whatever you want. You don't need to give me credit. If you do give credit, much appreciated but I don't care...
  5. Tamsyn548

    Alien world music request

    Summary: What I need - one music track that would sound good for an alien world. Resource: Music Terms: Non-commercial only is fine Amount: 1 Theme: Alien world! Engine: VX Ace (but music is for any engine) Paid/Free: Free I hope somebody can provide me with this!
  6. Tamsyn548

    [VX Ace] Alien battlers request

    I am in need of some alien battlers/enemies for VX Ace. I looked at some of the paid packs on Steam, but they do not have enough aliens. Since my whole game takes place on a faraway planet, I very much need these. I am willing to buy paid packs if it is not too much, but free is better...
  7. HIIVE

    RMMV Deleted

    Sorry, deleted the content of this post.
  8. BlockystarFish

    Future resource request for MV

    Hey guys, So I don't really ask for resources often as they are normally there already. But I want like a space ship for a tile set that like carries stuff/troops places that can be placed on a map. The style would be something like the movies aliens drop ship. Ill have a picture of one on here...
  9. ash55

    Cartoon / Alien Project (Custom Art and Battle system)

    Hey guys on the RPG Maker reddit it was suggested I make a blog, so I thought I'd use a thread here for that purpose (and to explain my game in one concise place). DOWNLOAD: *Link removed for time being since I just tried downloading it and I got an error. I'll try to get something up asap...
  10. leenat40

    The Rain Of Eternity (Much Help Needed)

    GAME:   PG13   Hello Everybody, So I need your help...  I am making a game... In Visual Novel Style.... And... I need Big Help!!!   The Story: The Humanity Came To An End.... The Earth Is War Torn Place, Where People Can No Longer Live.... And Those Who were Chosen... Traveled In Space To Find...

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