1. Skill that inflict more damage when allies are dead

    Hi Everyone, I would like to make a skill that increase the damage depending on how many allies are dead in the party. I am realy not good at formules and i tried to look if there is a possibility to count how many allies are dead, but i didn't found. Is there a formule or a way with Yanfly...
  2. LawrenceindaSky

    Buff for Allies after Fallen Allies

    So I tried tinkering with some stuff and I'm not sure if it is possible by default, but during battles, if an Ally is down, can I have the rest gain a Buff (Example: Rage) for a certain amount of time? I feel it would be a neat mechanic to have to give it more atmosphere and personality to the...
  3. ovate

    Skill Effect Share (on Ally to User)

    Manosasayaki_EffectShare - Version 1.0.0 (2017/05/22) Creator name: Sigureya Overview When using a skill on an ally, the skill effect is also applied to the user. How to use Set the following Note tag for skill section on Note box. With "<SkillEffectShare>" tag, similar effect is created for...
  4. Bonkers

    RMMV [RSE] Silver Town: The Extradition

    Placeholder Title art by RadioStarKiller Sai. Chibis by Maki Kuta. New Title screen is by @tv.ghost Please excuse the dust, this thread is under heavy construction. How can you help? A special custom banner will be made for your signatures, and is being updated for the 29th...
  5. Need to know how to fusing allies with item

    Sup. I'm working on a game highly based on the SMT series. One the features I want for this game is the possibility to fuse the demons in the party. Instead of doing it in a specific place, like the Cathedral of Shadows in SMT, I would like to do it through a purchasable item. So basicly...
  6. Mahoken

    Skill that summons a temporary ally?

    Is there any way to make a skill that summons an ally? I want to make someone who will place down turrets (summon ally turrets as actors). I can make them temporary by giving them a negative health regen, but how do I make it so I can SUMMON an ally? Is there a script that anyone knows of that...
  7. ZeuroMiller

    [RPGMVXA] Please Create 2 Sprites, One Main Charachter, Main Ally of main charachter.

    Hello, To Whoever Reading This Thanks In Advance. I Have Created A Face For My Main Character but somehow I am not able to create a good sprite. Also I was thinking about an ally of my character who would remain an important part of the story. Images Of faces Are Below. Description Main...

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