1. The_D

    RMMV Faye: Eternal Dream

    Last Updated (12/01/2018)
  2. Dutch Power Creations

    TRADE REQUEST Searching for testers

    Hello everyone, Engine: RM MV My Role(s)/Position(s): Developer I am looking for game testers to play the demo of 'The Lost' that will come out end this month/start of October. I am willing to play your game as a first Impression in return and include you into the 'special thanks' section in...
  3. Jonforum

    how play video with alpha ( vp9 alpha encoding .webm ) PIXI.Texture.fromVideo

    ps: I do not know if it's my javascript code, so i post this issue in javascript support. hi everybody, I can not play a transparent video with pixi. do you have any idea why i have this issue ? i see here we can do it withy chromius add the support FFmpeg/FFmpeg So i use the FFmpeg .webm...
  4. Seeking Casual/ Social Gamers to Alpha Test a Game

    Title says it all. Please drop me a message for more information! It's in the casual/ social gaming genre, if you're wondering. And it's a game that allows you to create your own "game objects" and place them in your environment. Of course, all aspects are currently in alpha test mode, which...
  5. Can RPG Maker MV support transparent alpha WebM files?

    I was curious since I seen that WebM movie files are supported with MV if it's possible to load transparent WebM files as transparent video overlays since mebm video files have capability to support alpha channels. If so then I could export transparent mov. or PNG sequence from live2d then...
  6. Fictionary88

    Alpha 0.1 (Perspective: A Story of Class)

    Fair Warning! The following game has religious themes. If you don't like the idea of interacting with the GOD of this fantasy world, please leave. This game also covers homosexuality, racism, and gender inequality. If THAT makes you uncomfortable, please leave...
  7. Jonforum

    How make a actor() transparents or hide?

    Hi guys. This other way to do thats. i need to set the actor(1) to alpha 0 ? $gameActors.actor(1)._hidden = true; $gamePlayer.refresh(); Because when hide, this make move the actor(2) to the actor(1) position.!!! by the hell I need to set him transparent only and try a lot of...
  8. Jonforum

    Alpha 0.1 concept [dice game isometric]

    Hello friends. What do you think of this project. I developed the idea of an isometric game, turn per turn. The player has dice to move on an isometric map. These the turn per turn, but the idea is to allow the player to think about the dice used and resources to advance in the game. No...
  9. Schlangan

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    Hello everybody. As we know, RPG Maker MV brought in a nice character editor, also available in RPG Maker MZ. However, adding new assets is somewhat challenging if you don't know exactly how the numbering of items is made. Even by knowing it, it is annoying to deal with a specific naming of...
  10. Hi there :D

    Hi everyone :) My Name is "Kvote". I am from germay and I currently work with the RM VX-Ace. Until now I just used the 2k3 for the past 6 years. Because of the way I want to create my projects, I decided to stop working with die 2k3 and started using the Ace two months ago because the enginge...
  11. KanaX

    Game Testing

    1) When is a good time to have people test my game? 2) Can I present it as an alpha since it is not near completion yet? 3) Where can I request for the testing? 4) How can I protect the game from plagiarism?
  12. Aldestan's Escape (alpha/demo)

    This has been moved to a new thread in Project Development, found here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/39835-aldestan-beginning-of-a-destined-path-formerly-aldestans-escape-beta/ Aldestan's Escape (finished alpha) (Contains brief suggestion of sexual themes.)   Aldestan and...
  13. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Looking for alpha testers!

    I'm looking for Alpha Testers for my game, Forgotten Memories. It's an RPG Adventure that revolves around the main character Enigma as he attempts to remember his forgotten memories. Here are some links to some videos showing some features in the game. If you're interested in alpha...
  14. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Looking for alpha testers!

    I'm looking for an alpha tester for my game "Forgotten Memories". I would basically need to know anything that's wrong with the game; bugs, crashes, spelling errors, or any oddities that I can't explain. If you are interested, message me over the forum or add me on Skype: TRBagon
  15. hikarushirou

    Crystal Eye [teaser demo v0.3]

    Development Blog Recruitment Thread   Background Crystal Eye is a game I made sometime in 2007 with Don Miguel’s translation of RPG Maker 2000. After playing a Sailor Moon and Yami no Matsuei one, I wanted to make one myself. Later I transferred it to 2003 and tried to in XP but that didn't work...
  16. noelburgundy27

    Happy Party Script (Party has same EXP)

    Singular Party EXP This script changes the way the EXP is handled. A specified game variable (Variable 001 by default), will be designated to hold the EXP value. Each character will have the same EXP points as that variable, allowing for a singular Party EXP. Functions such as EXP Rate will be...
  17. Zephyr: World of Life [ ALPHA DEMO v1 DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]

    Welcome to the Zephyr: World of Life topic. We are in need of your assistance. I can't develop this game by myself so I am in need of some staff members to help me out! If you go to the link below, it will redirect you to the gaming website. NewbGamingZ is the gaming company of this game. Of...

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