1. moonwritertheory

    RMMV Tetralogy of Night Conversations

    Tetralogy of Night Conversations is a kinetic novel game made in RPG Maker MV engine, and a "pseudo-remake" of Project Love and Cafe, originally consists five different stories, but instead to four stories in a single game due to removal of one chapter (due to being already adapted into short...
  2. moonwritertheory

    RMMV PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE (Release Candidate)

    Project Love and Cafe (Originally titled Love Plus Cafe) (stylized as PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE) is a TOP (Theatrical Overhead Perspective) interactive fiction game made in RPG Maker MV. Every five stories deal with the themes of conversation about food and friendship, as well as the dysfunctional...
  3. Sprite won't appear in Rpg Maker MV?

    I just got the courage to make my own sprite for my first game and when I finally finished, It won't show up? I used $ as well so I don't get how to fix it ;-;
  4. help with interior lighting.

    I need some help with lighting for this game I'm making. Basically, there's this part where you explore the ruins of an ancient castle. I want to make parts of the map dark, but keep patches of light in certain areas to makes it look like there's holes on the ceiling. This all takes place during...
  5. RMMV CAN YOU HEAR ME - First game ever

    Hi Guys This is my first foray into game making. Its only short, about 20-30 minutes, but took me 2 weeks to create. I'd appreciate any constructive critisism. It has some horror / psychological themes. Thanks ViperUK98 https://gamejolt.com/games/CAN-YOU-HEAR-ME/434569 Synopsis: You play...
  6. DarkSpectral

    I need help :P

    Hi! I am an amateur developer. I usually work with Unity but it's 2D is horrible so i decided that i would make a game using RPG Maker. BUT i have some problems xD I NEVER used this engine in my life so i don't understand a lot of things. Sure i know the basics but i want help with some...
  7. moon

    Music Theory for the Untrained/Curious.

    Note: This was an article, intended to be part of a series, that I was writing ages ago to post on RMN but decided to scrap it because I didn't think it would have been much use to anyone. Anyway for whatever reason I've decided to dust it off and post it here in the hope that it might be...

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I fiddled around a little with a layout for some kind of character cards to accompany the what the MZ RTP is missing so people can see at first glance which characters have which graphics. Just not sure if I really wanna do and maintain that for all the characters xD
Example is Kasey who is all RTP and some emos by 冷やっこ
With the uncertainty of when artists open/close their commissions, I'm keeping a long list of artists (whose work fits my game) to potentially contact for assets like busts and whatnot, and not expecting any particular artist to be available when I'm ready to start commissioning (which will probably be well before I finish my game, to make time for commission waits and actual art making).

A cat that is not afraid of water. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. :)
All the artists on here always share their art, and I wanted to partake in the sharing. I wanted to show off the album art for my game's soundtrack while also showing off this song. I wanted to take a break from all the pianos/strings/jazz. I experimented with some side-chaining techniques to modulate the dub-step like synth.
Crazy idea to help people be more productive. We all upload a photo of someone who is good at nagging, cajoling, guilting, etc. you into doing what you should be doing. Then, after you have posted X amount of times in a defined period, that photo pops up with the text of "Shouldn't you be working on your game?" Just for fun.:wink:

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