1. The-Stylo-Project

    Royalty free music by The Stylo Project

    Hello everyone, I know you see a lot of these posts, but I'd just like to share my start-up YT channel offering royalty-free music (download links are in the descriptions) for use in your games or other projects. The only thing I would ask in return is that you credit me and consider...
  2. S . Λ . R (Cinematic film-score duo)

    Hi RPG Maker Hope your all well, I go by the artist name: ( SINIUS ) I've started a new alias production for film music production called S . Λ . R This project consists of myself and CO-Producer Atmospheric Research, we started our collaboration around 6 months ago and have produced around...
  3. Secret Machines

    New Composer - Hi everyone

    Hi, My name is Andrew and I'm a composer and RPG fan.  I actually started long ago with RPG Maker on Playstation and then worked with XP for a bit.  I recently worked with a ported MAC version of XP for a project.  Anyway I love to write music,  Here are some links to my tracks: Lost Island...
  4. Xirahii

    Xirahii's Basically-Everything-Musical Workshop

    That topic title was a mouthful... ._. but I think it describes what I have in mind pretty accurately.  I have made - and am still more than willing to make - songs of various genres, either full versions or loopable versions.  Basically whatever you think will fit your project, be it...
  5. neoscully

    SPACE I / SciFi Atmosphere

    With this first sound I start my new album "Utopia", filled with SciFi Atmospheres.   The album is free to use for both non-commercial AND commercial projects. I only ask that I am credited appropriately and that if you like my tracks that you consider commissioning me for your project.  ...
  6. Scythuz

    [Music] Scythuz's Humble Store of Assorted Music

    Hi there my name is Scythuz, video game composer and maker of melodies! I would like to offer to make music for your game!  Music that sounds kind of like this! As you can probably tell from those samples, I can write in a lot of different styles.   I'm very adaptable and I'm always looking...
  7. Hao-kun

    Musician For Hire!

    Hey there! just wondering of this is still open.

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