1. RMMZ Phantasy Star 2-4 style combat (and a couple other questions)

    As the title says, I'm attempting the Phantasy Star front view combat system in RPGMMZ, similar to this here: (this was in VX Ace) I've already figured out the actual attack animations for the most part, but I'm trying to figure out how to change the UI and add the character "portraits"...
  2. Dalenacio

    RMMZ [SOLVED]: Help trying to make ammo stat display for weapons in the equipment screen.

    TL;DR: I'm looking for a way to make a gun show its ammo capacity alongside its other stats like attack or luck in the equip screen. Hiya folks! So, I'm working on a system using Unco's ammo system (enabled with FOSSIL) to make guns that have a set amount of ammo before needing to reload. If...
  3. Alastor01

    Alastor01's Resources - Modern Day (for tall characters)

    Hi there, Here you can find some of the resources I am making for my survival horror game (lets say I took a long break from game making...). Old resources are just GIMP edits while newer are pixel art. Currently I am making graphics with a new technique - a combination of 3D modeling and flat...
  4. Consumable Ammo with use of Firing Weapon

    So I have looked around and can't find anything concrete on this. Is there a way to create a consumable type of ammo to use with a weapon, such as a Bow in one hand and an arrow where the Shield would be. Anyone know a way I could do this so that when I have any arrows left it lets me fire it...
  5. NotFlamingo

    Display item quantity in battle scene

    Hello! I'm trying to show one item (ammo) quantity in the battle scene. I only succeeded to understand that It's impossible for me to do, because i can't code at all... I would be glad if someone could help! Layout is number which is the quantity of the item (id=100) and then 24x24 icon from...
  6. Servidion

    Stacking buff help.

    First off I have all of Yanfly's plugins. So I would like to know how to create a stacking state that has stacks consumed when certain abilities are used. I'll give an example.   Gunslinger: Starts with 12 stacks of the "Ammo" state. Abilities use between 1 and 6 ammo each. If only 3 ammo is...
  7. Scripts

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. I'm kinda new to this I mean I just got RPG maker like 5 days ago, and well I've been searching high and low and I can't find an ammo thing. Like final fantasy and stuff and I was wondering two things actually. The first is where is it and the...
  8. King Galaxian

    Special Ammo Script

    Hey, I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I'm currently using Asagi's Gun License as an ammo script for vx ace. The big problem I have is that It makes it so the character using ammo can't use any weapon without ammo. What I need is a new script that's simple to use and that still let's...

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