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  1. Parallax Panda

    Parallax Mapping - center a picture?

    Like the title says, I'm having problem centering a picture onto a map. I've tried the two most obvious solutions, being setting the picture at 0,0 (upper left corner). That would've worked in MV but it doesn't in RM2K3. Then I tried dividing the picture size by 2 and setting the picture that...

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working on the house you explore in the beginning of my game. it's the first major area... part exploration, part battles. just need to script events and setup the on screen enemies.
I'm having way too much fun with these character designs

Accomplished a longstanding goal: transitioned from windowskin graphics to native canvas drawing for windows. No more window.png or resizing individual mask images; Bitmap and Window classes handle it all seamlessly now.

Same UI, different corner settings:

I haven't check my game DL in a while. So time to see if I get a error 404 message. Because I deleted it due to a lack of space. Or it instantly crashes the second it starts. Or if I end up in some random map because I forgot to reset the start point. Or any combination of them.

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