1. JDevain

    Script call for conditional branch checking multiple conditions

    I need to check two separate variables at the same time, like this: if $gameVariables.value(25) = 0 AND $gameVariables.value(26) = 3 (do some stuff) else (change values for vars 25 and 26) if $gameVariables.value(25) = 0 AND $gameVariables.value(26) = 3 (do some stuff) else etc. I remember...
  2. Hasiva

    AND and OR operators

    Hello. It's probably a beginners' question, but can you make conditional branches with AND and OR operators in Ace? I specifically want to do some statements with switches, but a solution for normal variables would be appreciated too. I know you can make one condition after another for AND, but...
  3. Narch

    Need ideas for a "or" logic switch system

    I got a big batch of switches, when one switch is ON, all the others need to be OFF. Do you have tips on how to make this with not too much lines of code? So far the only solution I have is a common event with conditionnal branches: if SwitchA = ON, then make SwitchB,C,D,E,F,G... OFF if...
  4. Lord Vectra

    Vectra's Roleplay Capital

    RolePlay Capital It is a server made for roleplays. There is another DnD that is ready-to-play but doesn't have an advertisement yet. Additionally, anyone who join the server may also create their own roleplay in my server if they would like to. Current most popular of the players is "Dungeons...
  5. atreyoauron

    Yep Target Core and Variables.

    Hi. I'm trying to create some sort of multicast skill, that uses multiple random targets as it's scope by using the Target Core plugin. Let's say that i have a skill called "Multi-Fire" and another one called "Double Cast", which Multi-fire is only accesible with the Skill Extender plugin...
  6. Jory4001

    Conditional Script Help!

    I have an event with a conditional that needs the "Script" so it can check multiple things at once, If (A < C) && (A > D) Then... I tried: $gameVariables.(26) > 60 && $gameVariables(26) < 81; but I get a syntax error "(" I am fairly familiar with javascript conditionals and have do...
  7. defunct-user

    Iron's Sound Lagoon: Back Door (Music and Voice Freebies!)

    Hello, everyone. I am here to present you with freebies.  Music and voiceovers.  Voice clips, voice packs, the like. Just as if you would have purchased a music commission, music comes as a looped .ogg and an MP3 looped one and a half times for your listening pleasure. TERMS:  Please GIVE ME...
  8. defunct-user

    What is your favorite musical instrument and why?

    For me, it would have to be the piano. Sure, I play the flute and I love the sounds it makes, but there's something just magical about the sounds the piano makes. It could go from soft to strong and soft again in seconds.  A piano does things a flute just can't... I'm taken on journeys with its...
  9. Noferatsi

    Help me find portraits and sprites for these battlers?

    Could someone please help me find facesets for these battlers? I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to a few generators too.  :) Here's the site where I got the battlers, too. ^-^ http://cyanyurikago.web.fc2.com/material.html Thanks in advance!
  10. Dacuna

    Diagonal Movement and In-Depth Maps Glitch

    Hello, I've been using FenixFyreX's In-Depth Maps and Moghunter's Simple Diagonal Movement for my game, but when I use both of them, the player can be seen walking diagonally through solid blocks. It is seen in the attached image. I'm not sure how hard it is to fix this, but I'd appreciate any...
  11. Dacuna

    Ace Core Engine and Weather EX Compatibility

    Can anyone make these two scripts compatible with each other? http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-core-engine/ http://atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/System/ACE_SYS08.html When I call a weather effect, it comes up with an error that is resolved only when I get rid of Ace Core...
  12. Dacuna

    Particles and Resizing

    Hi, I'm using "MOG - Animated Title A" for particles, and "Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine" for screen resizing. Apparently my particles go up right to the normal screen size, then suddenly cut off because the script doesn't know the screen is resized. Is there a line in the script that...
  13. Ruby

    Boundless and Wanderlust

    Wanderlust: A strong longing for, or an impulse towards wandering. Boundless and Wanderlust is an RPG that strongly relies on the written word, graphics, and puzzles to help captivate the player without becoming a visual novel. This is a game where you follow and play alongside a young woman...
  14. Wolf Recolour Request

    I need three recolours of the wolf on this sheet. I don't really need them all done at once, but it'd be nice. In my project, the main character's family all have pet wolves, and the player will need a way to differentiate. I need one wolf to be dark brown, another one to be white, and the last...
  15. JamieScript

    How to remove weapons and armors in Item menu screen?

    Hi, recently I have started making a horror game which does not use weapons and armors and I would like to remove both these tabs from the items menu. Any help would be great, thanks!  :D
  16. How to make a Larger Sprite?

    Hello. And so, as the title says, how do I make larger sprite? Please give me detailed description, please. And thanks for your time. One more question: Am I posting in the right section? Very sorry if not.

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