android apk export

  1. rafaeljbi

    RMMZ Disabling Auto-Pause / Screen-Freeze when the window is not selected

    Sorry about my ignorance, but I need to disable the feature of auto-pause / auto-freeze on RPG Maker MZ. You know when the game is running on MZ and you click outside the window, the game stops running, right? There are two reasons for that, after some trials, It seems that this is the main...
  2. uncaught error: argument error, I need help

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, I'm making a project and I'm trying to prove all the Yanfly plugins, The last one I tried was DragonBones, and I loved it, It works perfectly in the test play, in the game for windows .exe, but when I tried to play it in the android apk in my phone, it didn't...
  3. When will there be a rpg maker that generates real apk files and scale everything at a good size at mobile?

    When will there be a rpg maker that generates real apk files and scale everything at a good size at mobile? Now there are lots of development programs that generate apk files and where you can include advertisments but rpg maker mv still can't do this and is not mobile friendly. Will this...
  4. SumRndmDde - Android Problems !

    Hi guys ! I try my game on android device, everything work perfectly exept 1 : I saw something about NodeJs or i don't what, but i'm not expert so i don't know if someone fix this or if it's not possible ? If someone can help me, i'll be glad ! Regards !
  5. Al-Farizi

    Android YEP_Quest Journal Bug

    Hi there newbie here Today i finally export my RPG game to android, but when i test it on mobile, i got some problem here, can you help me? Right in quest Journal menu I used YEP_Quest Journal Can someone help me please?? When i test it on PC there was nothing problem But its different...
  6. waterrune

    How to make android rpg maker game fullscreen landscape?

    Hi when i create android apk file from rpg maker mv game, it produces a small portrait half screen mode for me and not like what was advertised as full screen landscape for the game. Anyone got plugins or can help to make the game full screen landscape for android apk file?
  7. JtheDuelist

    MV Android Deployment Methods?

    I've tried them all (that still are usable)- @QuestMajor's method, @xilefian's method, Website2APK, you name it, and none of them work... Has exporting games to Android become obsolete and impossible as of 2017/2018? If not, what methods DO work? I'm honestly sick and tired of constant "exited...
  8. Error: The manifest file does not exist.

    Hello, I have followed the RPG Maker MV Tutorial and a video tutorial: :trying to export my game for android. I did everything as they both said, however when I enter my location and the crosswalk code information i keep getting, Error: The manifest file does not exist. I made my manifest.json...
  9. Android Packaging Error

    Hear me out, I know you're probably thinking that this is everywhere and that I should dig a little bit before I make a post, but I really couldn't find anything. Whenever I go to run the packaging program, the manifest file and the system requirements check out, but once it starts the...
  10. EliteFerrex

    Android Deployment Issues

    Alright, I know there are a plethora of threads about this already with various issues, but I'm going to post mine in hopes that someone might be able to help. I followed the instructions on, and had all of the...
  11. Exporting to android

    Hello! I made a game and i wanted to export to android. I tryed with Intel XDK, it is crashed. Is there any other ways to make an APK?

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