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  1. How to make my game so it can be played on android and uploaded to play store

    I finished my game and ready to test it on my android. Problem is some of the tutorial are outdated, so I need a latest tutorial on how to make this work. I am a noob at programming and don't have any idea how this work
  2. MBTY

    RPG Maker MV to Android exporter tool by MBTY

    Hi bros. My native language is russian, so i`m sorry if text below will strange for you :) I spent many time to find a solution how to compile Android-APK-file without installing JRE, JDK, Aapt, Android SDK, Python, nodeJS and all this stuff in to Windows for only one purpose. I mean portable...

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Oh my, couldn't give my take on obfuscation subject (with my own plugins I tried to obsfucate with mixed results), topic was closed too fast, while I was still reading, hahaha. Well, back to my code I go
Spent all day writing code, only for it to result in an endless loop...sigh.:kaosigh:
So um what is the deal with ,why are there two rpg maker websites now? Is it any different from the current one

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