1. invidious

    SDK BuildConfig

    Hello all! I'm using AltimitSystems-mv-android-client-6b33d6f to compile my game in SDK however I'm getting an Error on BuildConfig. I have no idea what I'm doing. Please help.
  2. jkweath

    RMMZ Limiting Effekseer animations for Android/low-end PCs

    It's been pointed out on the forums before, but while deployed MZ games run decently well on most devices, the new Effekseer animation system can cause some major lag on low-end PCs, but especially on mobile deployments. I have personally deployed two MZ games to Android, one being a base...
  3. invidious

    Deployement to Android

    Hi all! I'm getting ready to test my demo on android and am having some difficulty deploying to android. I followed the steps here. However, I'm having problems with the testing the deployment part. (So, second step?) I have 2 plugins As ICF doesn't affect anything at the current time, I've...
  4. Music don't reproduce on videogame for android

    Hello, today I made an apk for my game with rpg maker mv, but I was surprised that the audios that I have were not reproduced ... to be specific, the bgm ones ... I know if they are reproduced. . someone tells me that it may be passing the format in m4a as requested by rpgmakermv ... I attach...
  5. DigitalWF

    (RMMZ) Best way to export to android?

    I tried exporting to android with the altimit method for MV, it still works but a little buggy. Like you must tap the screen on the left side of the android device, otherwise the game screen won't show up and just show black screen with the music playing. Are there any other exporting option?
  6. HalcyonDaze

    A Coding Conundrum

    I don’t know if this is the board for this, but maybe someone can help a coding layman out here. I’m working on an Android app for a website I run. Everything works flawlessly so far, since its a very simple app. However, I need to implement the ability to access device storage so the user can...
  7. uncaught error: argument error, I need help

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, I'm making a project and I'm trying to prove all the Yanfly plugins, The last one I tried was DragonBones, and I loved it, It works perfectly in the test play, in the game for windows .exe, but when I tried to play it in the android apk in my phone, it didn't...
  8. Twisted

    MV to Android character movement question

    Hey Folks, So i have recently exported 2 games to android, it was quite an easy process i might add. Now once my games have been converted to SDK and installed on my phone they run fine ct but i have noticed something that is plain "bugging me". The controls are touch screen, and...
  9. jkweath

    Save files and Android deployment

    Alrighty, so first off, I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong board. I initially thought about posting this to the deployment board, but it's not an issue with deployment specifically. I also thought about posting in the support board, but I don't expect anyone to have any information on...
  10. Lee Sang

    Sprites show black on Android device

    I have this flower sprite (spoiler below) which contains 189 frames. It looks fine on Windows but when I run my game on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Note 9), it shows a black square. Sprites that have less than 15 frames can run just fine. Can anyone help me with this? I'll give more detail...
  11. Eliaquim

    Rakuen Zero - Youtube Channel!

    Passing here to promote the gameplays I will make on my channel. These gameplays will be from Rpg Maker games, but only for those developed for android. I will be giving priority for those who published in Google Play Store. But I will also play those who made apks to! I would also like to...
  12. Uknong

    Android problem

    When uploading the app, I cannot upload the app because the API level is 22. Pressing the Back button on the phone turns the game off. I want to change the Letterbox color to black. I need Android optimization.
  13. waterrune

    How to make android rpg maker game fullscreen landscape?

    Hi when i create android apk file from rpg maker mv game, it produces a small portrait half screen mode for me and not like what was advertised as full screen landscape for the game. Anyone got plugins or can help to make the game full screen landscape for android apk file?
  14. jkweath

    Can performance for MV games on Android be improved?

    I'm not really sure if this is the best board to post this on, so if a mod wants to move this, please do. I am wondering if it is possible to improve the performance of MV games on Android via code/a plugin. I'm aware of and already use Kodera's optimization plugin as well as many minor...
  15. FeliPereira97

    Problems with Android deployment & plugins

    Hi, sorry if in wrong category, thought this one fits. I have a project that works perfectly fine on PC, but when I try it on mobile (for which I'm specifically building it), many bugs occur. Some changes I've made won't appear, the first spash screen is the original one, not the one I've...
  16. Close of application in android mobiles

    I'm creating a game in RPG MAKER MV. In PC everything is going well and it never closes, but when it comes to testing it on mobile, I create my apk with Android Studio (as I saw in a tutorial of this forum, with MV Client) but when I have been playing for a while (20 -30min approx) the game...
  17. EseQueL

    RMMV Ascendants of the East (4v4 Battle Arena Mobile Game)

    FREE DOWNLOAD HERE - Google Play Link: Hello everyone, I made a free trial version of my new mobile game. It's a 4v4 turn-based battle arena! My focus in this game is to have unique characters with complex abilities and...
  18. Lakaroth

    Requests .APK expansion files

    I know there's some request around here, but not a real topic, so i mad one. With MV Client method, everything work perfectly, thanks to @xilefian who made it, and improve it! I've relased 2 apps, but 100MB it's a great limit, so i just try to understand how to create OBB files for expansion...
  19. EseQueL

    Ascendants of the East (Mobile Game)

    DOWNLOAD HERE - Google Play Link: Price: $0.99 Hello everyone, I am back with a new mobile game. This time, it is a 4v4 turn-based battle arena! My focus in this game is to have unique characters with complex...
  20. ??????

    RMMV Pokemon GO Style Game (early concept)

    Hey guys :* I was messing around a little last night, and I kind of ended up making what is basically the early stages of rpg maker mv meets pokemon go. Some people have called it 'MV Go!', I think 'RTP Go!' is also pretty fitting (care to voice your opinion in the poll above?) :p At this...

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