1. Filename Case Problem

    Good day. I'm trying to export game to Android, but some filenames and file calls are cased differently (example: img/parallax/tree.png and img/parallax/Tree.png). Everything works on the computer, but on the mobile it "Failed to load". I renamed all img files and folders to lowercase and added...
  2. slayer2

    RPG Maker MZ performance on Android and my disappointment

    A week ago I saw that RPG Maker MZ was half price and I bought it without thinking twice. I do some tests on Android and everything seems correct except for some graphical issues where some tilsets show a bit of the next tilset as a border (For example, if the tilset has an image of a tree and...
  3. EseQueL

    RMMV Zodiac Hunters - A Roguelike Battle-Focused game

    Zodiac Hunters is an indie game that is a Roguelike turn-based RPG. It is inspired by Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and Legends of Runeterra's Path of Champions (LoR POC) with other aspects from other roguelike PC games such as Hades, Darkest Dungeon, and Slay the Spire. Download for Windows PC -...
  4. What is the working method for exporting to Android from MZ?

    I've tried every webpage on the internet that claims to be a guide to exporting to Android. I follow the steps exactly, and I get various problems when trying to run the apk on Android. For example, I've had the game load perfectly exactly one time, and then afterward the app loads to a black...
  5. sokka

    [RMMV] On-screen controls on Android

    Hi, I'm trying to make my game work on Android. Obviously the biggest problem I can think of is to create on-screen controls. I know there's MBS plugin for that but it doesn't exactly fit in what I need and here's why: I don't want to change game's resolution to panoramic because that would...
  6. Black screen after transfer player on Android

    Hi, recently I release my game on itch.io: https://axos-studio.itch.io/dark-of-light. It's built with RPG Maker MZ. But somehow after the player is transferred to the second map via a door event, a black screen happens. It only happens when I play the game on Android, which is very strange. On...
  7. remainderstudios

    RMMV Detect through if player is from a PC or a mobile device?

    Is there any way to detect through a script if the player is from a PC or a mobile device? This would help a lot to activate or deactivate switches, functions, objects, mechanics, options for one platform or another and not have to generate a different project for each platform. for instance...
  8. RMMV OneBox Puzzle Demo for Android Now Available by Itch.io (and "PC vesion" here)

    I know this isn't the kind of projects that are usually done in rpgmaker or at least not the kind of popular projects, but since it's done in this engine, I thought it's appropriate to post it here. In this case, it is a demo or, better said, a Vertical Slice of a puzzle game for mobile...
  9. HiSv

    RMMV and Android: Optimizing and Performance

    Are you developing an RMMV game for android? We invested 100s of hours in trial-and-error learning when working on our game (SherLock - Escape Room Adventure). Here are a few things we learned on the way. Let's start with performance: RPGMaker games often suffer from severe performance...

    RMMV A4 Racer (Android)

  11. HiSv

    RMMV Baker Street Breakouts [ANDROID/PC]

    SherLock - Escape Room Adventure [for ANDROID/PC] Baker Street Breakouts: A Sherlockian Escape Adventure STORY AND GAMEPLAY TRAILER & INTRO PROGRESS DEMO LINK
  12. BenSD

    From MV/MZ to native Android app with Windows and Cordova

    Heyo, makers! I've done this a few times, including just recently thanks to a failed hard drive, so I thought I'd share my full process for making an app, since it comes up on here every so often. There are other ways, and I'm not claiming this is the best way, but it's been reliable for me...
  13. Arglax

    RMMV [Partially Solved] Yanfly Quest Journal Plugin Issue

    Hello there, my issue is rather simple and straightforward. My project is supposed to be available for Windows and Android(I don't know yet how to export/deploy for Web) and this certain Quest Journal plugin functionality seems to be limited. When the game is opened in Windows and the Quest...
  14. zoozobrastudios

    [I need help] The game works on one mobile but not on another.

    Hi, I am currently trying to port the game to Android. When I run it on the emulator or on an old mobile I have, the game runs fine; however, when I try it on a newer mobile that I have, the game does not work and shows the following error: I can't figure out why it works on one device and...
  15. FPS drop on android

    I've manage to build my game so it can be playable on android using this tutorial https://hackmd.io/@Mirai/RPGMakerMVMZ-Android_eng problem is, the fps significantly drop when the actor performing critical his and complex animation. There's also slight delay of BGM when I transfer my player from...
  16. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Android Change Save Location

    Hello! I've got a bit of a technical request here. For quite a while on and off here, I've been trying to figure out how to allow access to save files for backing up on an Android deployed project. By default, MV saves in an inaccessible location. I'm hoping that it's possible to create a...
  17. Tileset Gaps on Android

    Hi, everyone! Does anyone have a fix for the gap issue in tilesets when you deploy MZ games to Android? In MV I was able to fix it setting "canvas" rendering in Community_Basic.js plugin. I noticed that SceneManager.preferableRendererType method doesn't exist anymore in MZ rpg_managers file...
  18. HiSv

    Save scripts and autosaves do not work

    Hey, would be great to get some help from you. Our game is like 95% finished and we started testing everything for a deployment on android. We tested several autosave plugins but none of them seems to work on android. There ist no error message. After rebooting the game there is simply no save...
  19. problem performance on android

    I am trying a lot of research to make the best android game project in the lowest to the highest level. I tested it on a low to mid range phone. CPU 1.4ghz uses 100% cpu so it gets very hot when playing for a long time. Who has the most balanced solution? I want to reduce CPU usage and make it...
  20. Vis_Mage

    Android Save File Location

    Quick question here, does anyone know where save files are stored on Android devices?

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