1. SVEzT

    RMMV SherLock - Escape Room Adventure [for ANDROID/PC]

  2. BenSD

    From MV/MZ to native Android app with Windows and Cordova

    Heyo, makers! I've done this a few times, including just recently thanks to a failed hard drive, so I thought I'd share my full process for making an app, since it comes up on here every so often. There are other ways, and I'm not claiming this is the best way, but it's been reliable for me...
  3. Arglax

    RMMV [Partially Solved] Yanfly Quest Journal Plugin Issue

    Hello there, my issue is rather simple and straightforward. My project is supposed to be available for Windows and Android(I don't know yet how to export/deploy for Web) and this certain Quest Journal plugin functionality seems to be limited. When the game is opened in Windows and the Quest...
  4. zoozobrastudios

    [I need help] The game works on one mobile but not on another.

    Hi, I am currently trying to port the game to Android. When I run it on the emulator or on an old mobile I have, the game runs fine; however, when I try it on a newer mobile that I have, the game does not work and shows the following error: I can't figure out why it works on one device and...
  5. FPS drop on android

    I've manage to build my game so it can be playable on android using this tutorial https://hackmd.io/@Mirai/RPGMakerMVMZ-Android_eng problem is, the fps significantly drop when the actor performing critical his and complex animation. There's also slight delay of BGM when I transfer my player from...
  6. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Android Change Save Location

    Hello! I've got a bit of a technical request here. For quite a while on and off here, I've been trying to figure out how to allow access to save files for backing up on an Android deployed project. By default, MV saves in an inaccessible location. I'm hoping that it's possible to create a...
  7. Tileset Gaps on Android

    Hi, everyone! Does anyone have a fix for the gap issue in tilesets when you deploy MZ games to Android? In MV I was able to fix it setting "canvas" rendering in Community_Basic.js plugin. I noticed that SceneManager.preferableRendererType method doesn't exist anymore in MZ rpg_managers file...
  8. SVEzT

    Save scripts and autosaves do not work

    Hey, would be great to get some help from you. Our game is like 95% finished and we started testing everything for a deployment on android. We tested several autosave plugins but none of them seems to work on android. There ist no error message. After rebooting the game there is simply no save...
  9. problem performance on android

    I am trying a lot of research to make the best android game project in the lowest to the highest level. I tested it on a low to mid range phone. CPU 1.4ghz uses 100% cpu so it gets very hot when playing for a long time. Who has the most balanced solution? I want to reduce CPU usage and make it...
  10. Vis_Mage

    Android Save File Location

    Quick question here, does anyone know where save files are stored on Android devices?
  11. rafaeljbi

    RMMZ Disabling Auto-Pause / Screen-Freeze when the window is not selected

    Sorry about my ignorance, but I need to disable the feature of auto-pause / auto-freeze on RPG Maker MZ. You know when the game is running on MZ and you click outside the window, the game stops running, right? There are two reasons for that, after some trials, It seems that this is the main...
  12. SifDoge

    Seven Dungeon [Dungeon Crawler RPG now available on Playstore]

    Hi everyone, I would like to inform you that my first release paid project now finally available on android only for $2.99. A short dungeon crawler RPG with capture and convert monsters system, here story and features of this game : ===Game Title=== Seven Dungeon ===Version=== 1.1.1 ===Game...
  13. YioruYioru

    RMMV Is there any way to hide the text box by touch input?

    I am working on a possible android version of my project, and the only thing missing is to add an option to hide the text box.
  14. Eliaquim

    Eli Mobile Controls - Responsive on screen buttons for mobile games!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction If you ever tried to make mobile games, you know that can be challenging to put buttons on the screen, since there is a lot of mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. So deciding the size and position for these buttons can be a pain. This...
  15. TijerinArt

    Deployment a VN for Android

    I had a problem, when creating the android package in VNM it creates a folder without "hooks, bode or platforms" so I can't work with Android stoudio nor can I create APK files, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? There is only a tutorial on the internet and the official instructions of the...
  16. invidious

    SDK BuildConfig

    Hello all! I'm using AltimitSystems-mv-android-client-6b33d6f to compile my game in SDK however I'm getting an Error on BuildConfig. I have no idea what I'm doing. Please help.
  17. jkweath

    RMMZ Limiting Effekseer animations for Android/low-end PCs

    It's been pointed out on the forums before, but while deployed MZ games run decently well on most devices, the new Effekseer animation system can cause some major lag on low-end PCs, but especially on mobile deployments. I have personally deployed two MZ games to Android, one being a base...
  18. invidious

    Deployement to Android

    Hi all! I'm getting ready to test my demo on android and am having some difficulty deploying to android. I followed the steps here. However, I'm having problems with the testing the deployment part. (So, second step?) I have 2 plugins As ICF doesn't affect anything at the current time, I've...
  19. Music don't reproduce on videogame for android

    Hello, today I made an apk for my game with rpg maker mv, but I was surprised that the audios that I have were not reproduced ... to be specific, the bgm ones ... I know if they are reproduced. . someone tells me that it may be passing the format in m4a as requested by rpgmakermv ... I attach...
  20. DigitalWF

    (RMMZ) Best way to export to android?

    I tried exporting to android with the altimit method for MV, it still works but a little buggy. Like you must tap the screen on the left side of the android device, otherwise the game screen won't show up and just show black screen with the music playing. Are there any other exporting option?

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