1. Liquidize

    Tilemap Extensions (for YED_TileMap)

    Anima - Tilemap Extensions v1.00 by Liquidize Introduction This is a plugin that enables you to draw regions in TileD much like you would draw regions in the MV Editor. It is an extension for YED_Tilemap found here, and as such should be placed under it in the plugin manager.   Features - Draw...
  2. Liquidize

    Item Cooldowns

    This is a plugin that enables you to create cooldown and warmup effects for items. It is inspired and based off Yanfly's Skill Cooldowns and as such shares much if not all of the same feature set. Item Cooldowns are used for items to prevent them from being used for a number of turns after...
  3. Liquidize

    Overtime Effects (States)

    Anima - Overtime Effects v1.05 by Liquidize Introduction This is a plugin that enables you to create states that have effects that are applied over time. Thus allowing for Damage, and healing over time states. This was created due to some issues with already made plugins such as compatibility...
  4. Liquidize

    States Core

    Anima -  States Core v1.02 by Liquidize Introduction This was a script I've seen requested personally in my other plugin threads, or around the forums. It is based off Yanflys State Manager from VX Ace. It is actually a direct port of that script to MV. This plugin allows you to see the amount...
  5. Liquidize

    Shield States

    Anima - Shield States v1.07 by Liquidize Introduction This is a plugin that was requested in the request section. Anima Shield States is a plugin that provides the user with the ability to add different types of "Shields" to actors and enemies. These shields are simple states in the database...
  6. Liquidize

    Shadow Partner

    Anima - Shadow Partner REWRITE v1.08 by Liquidize Introduction This is a complete rewrite of the plugin by the same name to bring better features, better rendering, nicer code, and other things. Anima Shadow Partner is a plugin that enables you to create states that when applied to a target...

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