animal crossing

  1. MicahMonferno

    Now Hiring Animal Crossing Fan Game!

    I am Hiring for my Animal Crossing fan game, I don't pay you, but you are welcome to help, I need help with Sprites especially,  The Game
  2. MicahMonferno

    Event days

    Alright so I'm making a game where there needs to be holidays, like on Animal Crossing, So I'm not sure how to do this, And any help would be appreciated!
  3. Kevin O'Ryan

    Animal Crossing: The Paradise (Cancelled)

    ANIMAL CROSSING: THE PARADISE (Final Name) This is NON-COMMERCIAL ONLY!   Due to multiple projects in demand and real-life scenarios, this game has been on the slow-side. However, it is not abandoned! I have returned to working on it and will try to keep it updated. If you would like to help or...
  4. [Help] Pickup & Drop.

    I wan't to make an Animal Crossing esk kind of game. Obviously a lot different in many ways but the idea of owning a house and being able to drop things in it, pick them up, rotate them and what not is extremely appealing to me.  I am not sure if there are ways to make inventory and do this but...

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