1. Keddy

    bloody tilesets

    Hey everyone, im kinda new here. I'll make this short. if anyone has any gory slaughter house kind of tilests or is willing to recommend something similar, id be very much appreative. Anything with animals\bloody items would be good! thanks!
  2. Animal Battlers

    Resource Type: Sideview Sprites/Face Images Maker Format: MV Art Style: Any available Description: I'm looking more for just a SV battler of a basic brown bear at the moment. I'm needing it for a druid/shapeshifter type character, mainly just for the SV Battler during shifting. Currently...
  3. Chicken Fetus

    RMVXA Cat Story (Animal Survival Horror)

    *Warning: Some violent, morbid and creepy content. This is not a child friendly game despite the cute kittens. If your not interested in this project but can think of something that could make the concept more interesting to you, please let me know. Xerhoul's Creatures: A Cat's Story A Survival...
  4. Chicken Fetus

    Chicken's Art

    Some art I've made over the years for various concepts. I didn't include my pixel art since most of that was meant for development of a video game. edit: I found some older pixel art of mine that wasn't mean for game development
  5. captainette777

    Tail feathers for the MV Character gen?

    I hope it's ok that I'm not using the usual format for requesting since this is a super small request: Are there generator parts for bird tail feathers? I am making a character who's apart of a humanoid bird race, and I have parts for a beak, wings, body, etc...but no tail. There are mammalian...
  6. comedianmasta

    VX Ace Pangolin Animal Request (Think- Armadillo but cuter)

    Request: Pangolin Animal Sprite, Char Style: VX Ace Style Description: Pangolin is a cute desert animal sort of like an armadillo with armored scales along its body. Please see reference images located below. Stretch Request: Not necessary for request, but perhaps a behavior sheet of it...
  7. comedianmasta

    [VX Ace Char] Hedgehog Sprite Request

    Hey Guys, let me try and make this great. Style: VX Ace Need: Char Sheet Description: I would like a hedgehog sprite. Just a cute animal hedgehog in the VX Ace style. Normal size will be fine. Feel free to use reference photos below if you don't know what a hedgehog is or how to use google...
  8. MacheteLove

    Animal Battlers!

    Hello everyone! I'm in need of some animal SV battler sprites for RPG Maker MV. I'm going to be making a hunter...ish character that uses animal companions that he can call into battle using SumRndmDde's Summon Core. If at all possible, I would like an owl, a bear, a turtle/tortoise, and a fox...
  9. Anthro-Generator Parts

    i not sure if this been posted. can someone make Generator parts like, (for RPG Maker MV). (MV Style) Canine, Feline, Rodent , Horse , Shark, Reptile , Goat Snouts (Nose) Bird Beak (Mouth) Lizard Tail, Rabbit Tail, Goat Tail, Bull Tail , Shark Tail , Bird Tail (Tail) Goat Horn...
  10. Animals graphics - Mooses, Gryphons and Giant Birds

    Hello Guys, I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this I'm looking for Characters, mv format in any art style. Thank you in advance!  
  11. Looking for sea mammal sprites

    Anybody know where I can get my hands on some aquatic animal sprites?  WhtDragons has an extensive and well done collection of animal sprites that I've used before but I'm looking specifically for sea mammals like whales, dolphins, seals, and the like.  Any suggestions?
  12. Carduus

    Realistically-sized and -proportioned animal sprites?

    There are so many beautiful animal sprites out there for use, but one thing really, really grates on me: the limitation to one tile. People try to squish super-deformed chibi horses into one tile, and they end up looking like midget ponies. I'm currently working with MV, so I'm working with...
  13. Cat and Bear Battler

    Resource Type: Battler (Battle Stances) Maker Format: MV Art Style: Like the walking sprites down below. (For the bear the first one on the left, for the cat the bottom one on the far left.) Description: For my game you have a choice between 4 pets which are also playable...
  14. Daemien

    Wild Animals?

    Resource Type: Sideview Characters, Sideview Battlers, Maker Format: MV Art Style: Looking for somewhat realistic (basically not cute, cuddly, or chibi-like lol) Description:  I've been looking all around and maybe I've missed some. I'm just looking for Wild animals (ex. bears, tigers...
  15. LUC1G07CH1

    Street Catz

    You can play my DEMO here: http://gamejolt.com/games/street-catz-demo-available/141972 And the full version will come when i finish it. I'm having some problems,but no worries! The problems will be fixed soon. Street Catz is a cat-based RPG game,which tells the story of the protagonist...
  16. Panda Bear Sprite/Face/Battler

    Hello, I'm new here to the forums and was wondering about the possibility of requesting resources for my game.  I am in need of a panda bear sprite basically.  I've looked everywhere and found a few here and there, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Resource Type: Character, Battler, and...
  17. 0sleepy0

    Seth animal sprite(HUGE REQUEST)

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV or Ace (as long as it's about the size of mack type horse  ) Art Style: Mack or MV Description:  Info from wiki:Set animal, or sha, is a chimerical beast, the totemic animal of the god Set. The sha is usually depicted with three distinguishing...
  18. ninjaconor

    Dog Battler - Free to use

    Hey guys! Was making a game with a playable dog character in it and was really annoyed with the lag of a dog sideview battler so I threw this together: http://i.imgur.com/7eREK1G.png I don't believe in charging for RPG Maker assets so feel free to use it in any of your games. If you'd like to...
  19. Paramecium13

    A lizard...

    I want a sprite and matching battler of a lizard. It shouldn't look mean or evil nor should it look particularly friendly (e.g. no smiley face). I'd like it to look kind of like a Komodo Dragon. I'd prefer it to be reddish brown or brown. Please feel free to direct me to someone else's (or your...
  20. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Animal Sprites please.

    I was wondering if anybody has a large collection of animal sprites. Not like Granny's list of animal sprites, but a collection by one person, so I don't have to credit a different person for each sprite. I would like any normal animal that you would see on earth today, as well as any dinosaurs...

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